Saturday, August 18, 2007

Veronica or Simon...they're both needed

It's my thinking that our priests need a Veronica and a Simon. They need support as so many are fighting valiantly on the front lines, being chewed up and spit out. Yes, it's "part of the job" and "par for the course" but it's been impressed up me, that when we can step in and be that Veronica or that give them hope and encouragement...well, how beautiful it is to offer that gift, for they've spent and consumed themselves for souls and no doubt for our own.


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Your Veronica

This call of God

Has brought you here

To the most steep

And rocky path

You've ever encountered

Jagged and cruel rocks

Have cut your burdened feet

And torn your precious knees

That hold you up in


Your feet are bleeding

And even your heart

Is beating in faltering


Matching the staggering steps

Where your tender

Bruised feet fall and

Desire to linger

But can't

The weight of this cross

Has knocked you

To the ground

For what seems to be

One too many times

And my heart breaks

For you...

My tears mingle with

Yours in spirit

The sweat and tears

Of this, your struggle

That now sting your eyes

Keep you from seeing

Where to place your

Next weary step

So Father,

Let me press my veil

To your face

A veil of prayers

On your trail of tears

That will reach heaven

When no words are

Found to escape your lips

Because you're exhausted

And out of breath

But I will join your friend

Beyond the cosmic veil

And unite my frail prayers

With those of one

More righteous and holy

And soon, you will see

The path

And your burden will

Not be more than you

Can endure

Just let me be

Your Veronica

I'm only here to answer

My call

To be your Veronica

© susie melkus



White Stone Name Seeker said...

How true!
In the UK I wonder how priests manage at all sometimes.

Cradle Catholic said...

God Bless you! This poem made such an impression on me when you showed it to me. We all need a little Veronica in us. God Bless our Priests without them we have no Mass. God Bless you!


Joyful Catholics said...

Thanks Sarah...and White glad you popped in, too! I'd lost your blog link when we lost all our links a few weeks ago.

Yes, pray pray pray for our dear priests.