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Struggling with Addiction(s)? ...

You are NOT alone. Come to the "well" of Life. There are all sorts of people struggling like you are. We all have our various affections, weaknesses, and pernicious sins to deal with, but to conquer them, we have to "face the truth!" The Lord is ever ready to help you, as are your loved ones, and friends, but one must be humble of heart, docile to the Holy Spirit, and desire to change, for the "proud, the insolent" will not be heard by God...not because the Lord doesn't love, but because He DOES! He has to be true to Himself. So do we. As St Alphonsus says, "We must do violence to ourselves!" To be victorious over our sins, we cannot "wink" at them, "wish them to leave" and then put ourselves into near occasions where we will be tempted and not prepared to fight with diligence. "Kill the Lion when he is small." With the Lord's assistance, and that of our Blessed Mother, we WILL be able to ward off the 'temptations' and tricks and snares of the "Evil One" who's always waiting to snatch a soul from grace. Call on the Lord while He is near. He is always near those who cry to Him. Our Blessed Mother, Mary's name, is also a very POWERFUL name to utter in time of temptation. The Enemy of your soul and mine cannot stand to hear Her Name spoken. Please visit Sober Catholic for words of encouragment, and "tough love."

And pray to Ven. Matt Talbot, patron Saint of alcoholics (and other addictions) since so many others are usually intertwined with alcohol addiction.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know I've posted this before, but it's worth reposting. I love Dion and his "spiritual journey" that took him ... not to a "church of his own making" but to The CHURCH JESUS BUILT.

Sometimes, as we’d sit in the pew at our latest Evangelical Church, she’d [his wife Susan] lean over and whisper in my ear, "I wonder what this Church is going to look like in 2,000 years." -DION

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got Questions? ...

Common Catholic Questions
and pithy answers

Not much beats this...

Credo ... This is just plain cool!

Yesterday we honored Sts. Timothy and Titus...

The spiritual side of suffering in Haiti

Unlocking the Convert's Heart

POLL regarding Scripture & our interpretation of it...

Does the Holy Spirit direct, guide, and teach ALL PEOPLE how to read and comprehend the bible for themselves, so they can interpret it without any fear of error?

Or is there one, single, final Authority, graced by the Holy Spirit, established by Christ on earth, to instruct the faithful in all manner of living, regarding faith and morals, in undertansding the Word of God, to instruct all people, all Christians, in the living and working out of our salvation?

  1. YES - The Holy Spirit speaks to every individual, guiding them without error, as Luther taught. In other words, we get to interpret scripture (for ourselves) and the truth we believe in and agree with, is the Holy Spirit's leading us.
  2. NO - There is One, Final Authority, graced by the widsom of the Holy Spirit, given to us by our Lord. He sits on the Chair of Peter, with the final word on matters of faith and morals. Jesus left us His "Vicar" the Pope, an imperfect human being, with faults but graced by God, to "tend and instruct the whole flock." He gave us a Church, built on Peter, with apostolic succession, 7 Sacraments through which the grace of God does flow, and a Magisterium to instruct and teach the faithful by answering questions and interpreting Scripture for us, when a dispute might errupt, as in the early Church. The Vicar of Christ is our Shepherd, who leads the faithful, all Christians, to The Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, seated at the Right Hand of God.

From a former Vicar of Christ, appointed by the Holy Spirit,once said...

One can say that among the families and peoples where the practice of the Rosary is still held in honor, as in the past, there is no cause to fear that ignorance or the poison of error will destroy the faith. ~ Pope Leo XIII

Priests don't ever really 'retire'... do they?

Thank you, Father Sipe, for your service to the Church and all who need
God's mercy and grace.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sanctity of Life...

It's time to ...

FREE the NOTRE DAME 88!...

This year marks...

Prayer for the Unborn...

Heavenly Father, in Your love for us, protect against the wickedness of the devil, those helpless little ones to whom You have given the gift of life.

Touch with pity the hearts of those women pregnant in our world today who are not thinking of motherhood.

Help them to see that the child they carry is made in Your image - as well as theirs - made for eternal life.

Dispel their fear and selfishness and give them true womanly hearts to love their babies and give them birth and all the needed care that a mother can give.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You and Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer found here.

Virtual March for Life...

of the cleansing tide across this land

Marching for LIFE around the world!...

More than a MILLION people in Spain marching for LIFE!

He used to perform abortions...

Now he's fighting for LIFE and caring for mothers.

I just saw him speaking at the March for Life

How many babies...

asleep in their mother's womb, won't be held, kissed or comforted from a trash-can tomb today?

Virgen India...

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Climbing the Stairway to Heaven...

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Depressed? Confess! ...

I've embedded a great article for all those suffering from depression:

The best cure for depression (that is NOT caused by a real chemical imbalance) is what Jesus tells us to do, "Confess your sins, one to another." Most of the depression many people face and deal with today is mainly the result of sin in our life. In the Catholic Church, we are blessed to have the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In many Evangelical fellowships and other faith communities, they have the same thing, (though there is no absolution since they do not have apostolic succession and usually they just confess to another person who has not authority to 'absolve.) however, they'd never call it that, but every time there's an "altar call" they usually offer the a chance to rededicate or recommit one's life to Christ, that is simply "confessing" some sin/mistake/slip up that took one off track, and away from Jesus, (or apart from, out of God's grace, if mortal sin is involved.) I know many in the Evangelical world don't speak of "mortal" and "venial" sins, as they consider it a 'Catholic thing" but the bible surely does make the difference known!

If you're down, depressed and in your heart you know you need to confess a sin or an accumulation of sins, do it! That is God speaking to you, and you know it. If you're his sheep, you know His Voice! It's the best medicine for your soul, (minus the horrible side effects!) and will put you right back into the grace of God. For apart from Him (who is ALL GRACE) we can do nothing. No wonder we get blue, or down in the dumps when we've sinned. It either separates us from God drastically (if mortal) or by increments if venial. Stealing a pen from work is the sin of stealing, true, but it is a "lighter degree" of sin that has not the ramifications or consequences of affecting others and the whole Church than say the sin of adultery. There is a sin that leads to death, unrepentant sin at your death bed, rejecting God's grace and despairing of His grace. That's not what I'm talking about here. There are 'degrees of sin' and most know it. To steal a pen from work, will harm only me, for the most part, whereas adultery will hurt and harm more than myself. Murder is much worse than stealing a pen. However to keep stealing pens, so I never have to buy anymore is worse than accidently sticking one in my pocket and 'stealing' it inadvertently.

The reason I bring up pens, is that a pastors wife in CA told me that "sin is sin" and 'stealing a pen WAS the same as the sin of adultery. (no joke!) That's, with all due respect "messed up!" I knew the difference! One sin will send you separate you from God, and send your soul to hell if not repented, and it's not 'stealing a pen' by accident. The most wonderful thing about the Sacrament of Reconciliation is glorious absolution! It's not to a mere man we confess and it's not a mere man who absolves us from our sin, it is CHRIST himself, in that priest! Be free of taking all the meds to fight your sadness or depression ... go to confession ASAP and let God's grace wash you clean!

Again my caveat: I know there are those who need anti-depressants, but there are more who actually don't need them, but need to confess sin. Be absolved and walk on air for a while. That's the result, the only side-effect of amazing grace!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Joy-filled man, The Apostle of Rome...

God in His infinite goodness sometimes sees fit to test our courage and love by depriving us of the things which it seems to us would be advantageous to our souls; and if He finds us earnest in their pursuit, yet humble, tranquil and resigned to do without them if He wishes us to, He will give us more blessings than we should have had in the possession of what we craved. - St. Philip Neri

What if...

So he's a REAL Catholic then?...

Catholic Culture
I love our Papa!
Belgium's hackles are up...good!
I love our Papa!
Imagine an Archbishop against abortion and euthanasia.
I love our Papa!

Presumption...a sobering word.

"Presumption is the crime of idolatry." 1 Sam. 15 this made me think of the "once saved always saved" frightening 'doctrine.'

Forgive me Lord, when I have presumed upon/cheapened your grace. May my sin ever be before me, as King David prayed and all of the Saints now in heaven. I realize how easily I can be led astray. "Work out your salvation with fear & trembling." That's a verse seldom quoted by "bible believing Christians." They don't like it. One friend of mine had a real problem with St. James (as did Luther) and didn't like to read that book, especially verse 2:24. Hmm. To presume we are 'saved' from one "sinner's prayer" uttered over 30 years ago & that we're never in any danger of losing our salvation, is nothing BUT presumption. No Saint ever presumed such a thing. Neither can I.
Lord have mercy.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have come to Carmel to pray especially for priests. - St. Therese of Lisieux

And Mary said, "Do whatever He tells you to do." ...

Oh, Mary, my mother, I offer you my soul, my mind and my heart. Make of me God's instrument. Give me a penetrating mind to discover, firm to judge, open to understand, free to serve the truth; an honest mind in telling what it sees rather than what it wants to see; a tolerant mind, which does not dictate to other people, but which explains what it sees clearly; a mind infused by the light and the truth of your Son Jesus, patient in faith while waiting for the vision of eternal life. Amen. - A. Hanrion S.J.

CAVEAT for the more "thin-of-skin" or potentially "knee-jerk" PC readers: To "judge" as Fr. Hanrion states here, does not mean to "judge another's soul." That only God can/will do. It only means to make fair judgements as we all have to do, in judging our own actions as well as those of others. "You will know them by their fruits," means in fact, that we certainly must wisely judge actions and 'weigh' or judge our decisions/choices. To "judge" with prudence, with wisdom to make the correct choices that lead to life everlasting, and hopefully not to eternal death.

Mercy in Chaos...

"But through trial and tribulation, illumination and repentance, they may in fact be saved through Mercy in chaos." Mark Mallett
Devastation, chaos, crime, looting, murders, anarchy in the streets of Haiti. We have that here, too, in the wealthy U. S. (though nothing as poor as Haiti) We have poor urban areas, where such chaos and unrest is constant and gang gunfire breaks the silence daily. Amid all of it, is God's Mercy. His Mercy, new every morning, with every sunrise extends to us all. Some have no choice as to where they live, what they were born into is where they must stay, and make the best of it. Here, some have the opportunity to leave destructive urban devastation. Some born into middle class families or even very wealthy families can be, and many are, more spiritually poor than they even know. However, no matter what are circumstances, we all can receive God's mercy. He can and will fill us with contentment and peace, whether we're in spiritual, physical/ material poverty when we only ask Him. For when we are bankrupt in our souls, apart from God's grace, due to sin (which afflicts rich and poor alike) and we come to the Lord with a broken and contrite heart, we will be welcomed with open arms, pressed to Our Father's Heart and find rest for our souls.

I can't imagine poverty like Haiti. I've never experienced it in my own life. I can't imagine wealth, palaces, servants to cater to my every whim. Every person, wealthy or poorest of the poor needs faith. Faith, Hope and Charity are the virtue we all need, desperately. When we are desperate and know it, God is there, like the Father of the "prodigal son" ... he RUNS to us while we're still a "far way" down the road. When he first sees us, he RUNS to us. I pray for Haitians. I pray for the wealthiest. Every man/woman/child without Christ is spiritually bankrupt and in complete devastation. What we must do, is rise up out of the pig sty of our own making, i.e. the sin in our life,whether in thought, word or deed, (poor people also sin in thought, word and deed) go to our Father, and whether or not we walk on dirt amid physical ruins, or on marble hallways, in finest attire, without Christ, we are dead.

Dear Lord, I pray for us all, for sinners around the world, in the Church and in my own home, of which I am the biggest sinner, "Jesus Mary Josepeh, I love you, save souls. Save us."

Loved Sinner...

Upon arriving at this blog awhile ago, my heart did a little leap of joy, seeing this photo of the plaza of the St. Francis Basilica in Assisi. I was there and sat on that very bench in May, 2007 - with pilgrims from all over the States on the "Behold Your Mother" Rome/Assisi pilgrimage, led by Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina. What a fond memory. And Psalm 51 has such significant meaning for me, (for all sinners) but me, especially, being the greatest, biggest sinner of my family/Church that I know of ... I cling to these words of King David, it's what I pray and prayed so many times over the years. "Create in me a clean heart, (for my Lord to dwell,) and renew a right spirit within me." Those are the words I pray in my heart while going to receive my Lord in the Holy Eucharist at every Mass. St. Francis, pray for us!

Mission Intention of our Holy Father - Christian Unity...

"Our divisions generally originated from doctrinal differences, but they are often perpetuated by prejudice, ignorance, fear and other attitudes which should have no part in a Christian's life. These are things we can change, but we cannot abandon true doctrine. "
The above excerpt taken from here

Praying for our Papa ...

This moving image found here

Mother of God...

I was searching for some images of Mary to include on the post below this one, and found that gorgeous icon here, at St. James the Hoosier. I was so touched to see that this Lutheran pastor, Rev. Jim Roemke, was brave enough to post his affection for our Blessed Mother. While we don't agree on praying to or not praying to the Mother of our Lord, it blessed my heart to read his post, and had to comment to thank him for his respect for Mary. God bless him and others, whose eyes are being opened to call her [Mary] blessed in this generation. "Every generation will call me blessed" said Mary in her Magnificat. St. Elizabeth "got it." She knew Mary was the Mother of her Lord, (God) and how it has warmed my heart to find a Lutheran pastor unafraid to declare her as such, too. Mary is truly the Mother of us all. She's calling us all to "come Home" and meeting us all on the different places on our journeys. God bless you Pastor Jim. You are a "good son" that has delighted his spiritual Mother.

St. Louis Marie de Montfort's Prayer to Mary

Hail Mary, beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father! Hail Mary, admirable Mother of the Son! Hail Mary, faithful Spouse of the Holy Ghost! Hail Mary, my dear Mother, my loving mistress, my powerful sovereign! Hail my joy, my glory, my heart and my soul! Thou art all mine by mercy, and I am all thine by justice. But I am not yet sufficiently thine. I now give myself wholly to thee without keeping anything back for myself or others. If thou still seest in me anything which does not belong to thee, I beseech thee to take it and to make thyself the absolute mistress of all that is mine. Destroy in me all that may be displeasing to God, root it up and bring it to nought; place and cultivate in me everything that is pleasing to thee.

May the light of thy faith dispel the darkness of my mind; may thy profound humility take the place of my pride; may thy sublime contemplation check the distractions of my wandering imagination; may thy continuous sight of God fill my memory with His presence; may the burning love of thy heart inflame the lukewarmness of mine; may thy virtues take the place of my sins; may thy merits be my only adornment in the sight of God and make up for all that is wanting in me. Finally, dearly beloved Mother, grant, if it be possible, that I may have no other spirit but thine to know Jesus and His divine will; that I may have no other soul but thine to praise and glorify the Lord; that I may have no other heart but thine to love God with a love as pure and ardent as thine. I do not ask thee for visions, revelations, sensible devotion or spiritual pleasures. It is thy privilege to see God clearly; it is thy privilege to enjoy heavenly bliss; it is thy privilege to triumph gloriously in Heaven at the right hand of thy Son and to hold absolute sway over angels, men and demons; it is thy privilege to dispose of all the gifts of God, just as thou willest.

Such is, O heavenly Mary, the "best part" which the Lord has given thee and which shall never be taken away from thee - and this thought fills my heart with joy. As for my part here below, I wish for no other than that which was thine: to believe sincerely without spiritual pleasures; to suffer joyfully without human consolation; to die continually to myself without respite; and to work zealously and unselfishly for thee until death as the humblest of thy servants. The only grace I beg thee to obtain for me is that every day and every moment of my life I may say: Amen - so be it, to all that thou didst do while on earth; Amen - so be it, to all that thou art now doing in Heaven; Amen - so be it, to all that thou art doing in my soul, so that thou alone mayest fully glorify Jesus in me for time and eternity. Amen.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've a beard in my heart, if not on my face.

I want to join. But I am beardless. A good thing since I'm a woman. I do see in the by-laws that if you are w/out a beard, one will be provided. Cool beans! I can relate to their aspirations and also their penchant for good beer. As I said, I wear a beard in my heart if not on my face.


Respect for human dignity/life...

Catholic TV - What a virtual treasure this is!


Is it ever acceptable to promote or tolerate an action that is morally evil, even as a means to a good end? No. Why? Because actions that are evil by their very nature, such as murder or the willful destruction of a person’s good reputation, can never be justified for any reason. They are inherently wrong or, as the moral law says, “intrinsically evil.” You can never call a bad action “good.” Abortion is always wrong.

It's my hope and prayer that my 'anonymous' commenter will 'tune in' and become enlightened to TRUTH, and cease to malign and disparage the Catholic Church ... which is and has always been, a 'hospital for sinners' not a 'reservoir of saints.'

Papal vist to Rome Synagogue...

Catholic TV
I'm watching it now on EWTN, our Papa's visit to the Synagogue. It is heart warming to see the Jews (our big brothers and sisters in the faith) and our Papa and other Catholics present joined in mutual respect, welcoming each other to 'come and reason' together, in solidarity and open-mindedness.
Psalm 126 & 133 read and sung.
Listening to Papa speak now. This is truly historic!

The Pope’s visit of the Synagogue of Rome has generated significant interest from the media and from Jewish and Catholic groups due to the Pope’s recent declaration
of Pope Pius XII as Venerable.

The enemy is "at our gates"... What are we going to do?

It was very cold January 17, 1871 and France was at war.
Paris was besieged and the victorious Prussians were
at the gates of Laval, France.... the rest of the story

More Images

Apparition Info

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Great Catholic site for movie watchers...

Just saw St. Rita and it's very good. I discovered a great movie site for Catholic parents which I've posted on my other blog, Handmaids of the Handmaid of the Lord

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI...

Please visit my friend TJ, (who's been to Haiti on medical missions) for more on the disaster in Haiti, at his blog:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

St. "Al" is a real 'hero of the faith' for me...

Reading this astounded me. It's from an experpt I read at Catholic Encylopedia a while ago about St. Alphonsus Liguori:

...He had a pleasant smile, and his conversation was very agreeable, yet he had great dignity of manner. He was born a leader of men. His devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to Our Lady was extraordinary. He had a tender charity towards all who were in trouble; he would go to any length to try to save a vocation; he would expose himself to death to prevent sin.

There's so much to 'unpack' here, it's going to take a while. In just a few sentences, to learn of such great devotion, love, zeal, of this man, makes me so glad I'm Catholic, and can read about such heroes, such dedication of the Saints' lives to their Beloved Spouse. Anyone considering a religious life, if you're being called to a vocation as priest, or nun/sister or brother, please read "The True Spouse of Jesus Christ." I've been reading it for over 2 months now. It's a slow read, with so much to digest, to ponder. I've just read the section on "Detachment to relatives" and "Detachment to Persons" and it is so deep and so wise. It's a very hard couple of sections in this chapter, and something I never knew. If there were this kind of "true devotion" to Jesus in the hearts of religious and priests, we'd see such holiness abound in parishes, but instead, religious often "mix with the world" to an unhealthy degree, by unwise choices and slow increments that before you know it, we have scandal abound instead of holiness. This is not a condemnation but a glorious work to fully prepare the hearts of those seeking religious life, and what will/should be required of them, both men and women. I think much of the problems of the past 40 years were the 'relaxation' of many of the Rules of orders. It's quite disheartening, but there is hope as a "new wave" of seminarians and religious are filling seminaries and convents now to discern religious life. It's evident to see that "strict" and "traditionl" monasteries are on the rise, as others diminish due to their lack of fervor and "true devotion." As I've written and said many times, Judgment begins in the House of God, and His cleansing power is being felt now, throughout our Church, cleaning out the dross and replacing it with resplendent "diamonds in the rough" and pure gold/silver/and jewels, radiant lives of holiness to lead the faithful is the only way we will survive what is to come. For what is to come is beyond all we can imagine, and most "anti-Christ" so "anti-Church" than we've yet seen, it should sober us up fast and cause us to really "tremble" with holy fear, that we must 'work out our salvation with that same fear and trembling.' The thing is, that is a far and very distant concept since Vatican II, and those who 'worship the spirit of Vat. II' more than the Lord Himself. When devotion to Our Lady and her rosary went "out the window" with the "bathwater" and we lost the Baby Jesus, too, we are fooling ourselves if we think we can 'tip-toe through some tulip field' of "religion the way I want it," with blatant disregard for His Will. Lord have mercy!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. Save souls! Amen.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Suffering and the ...

Little Way.
Boy, do I need some assistance with this! I'm a 'spoiled baby-boomer' who's not really had to deal with much suffering, either physical or other forms. The 'usual' amount that life tosses us, of course, and mostly from my own bad/sinful choices, but as I'm getting 'up in years' there are more physical things happening, that I'm trying to really offer up. Some days it's harder than others, (the offering up) but I do hope to grow in holiness and as we age, there are more and more opportunities to 'learn how.'

St. Therese, please pray for me, to be more humble, more forgiving of my family/friends and yes, myself, too. Help me to take every suffering, no matter how small, or how large to the feet of Jesus, to be pressed to my Blessed Mother's heart, as I give all to her, while I'm being raised up on that cross, to be with Jesus, to sacrifice whatever I'm asked to, for true love of Him, my Lord and Savior, who's given His ALL for me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today we celebrate the Baptism of our Lord...

Baptism. If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me! Not necessary? If we're followers of Christ, then should we not "do as He did/does?" He wasn't baptized so we'd not have to be, (granted that's a 'corny thought' but one which comes to me because so many Protestants believe/teach, [Jesus] suffered ... so we won't have to suffer.) It's downright misleading, and completely untrue, for sure, but as far as baptism goes, it is a sacrament of the Church that is necessary for us to be saved, because as we know, Jesus "fulfilled all righteousness" and basically rebuked John the Baptist for not wanting to baptize him, when as we know, John said it was he that needed to be baptised by Jesus, not being worthy to 'untie his sandals' John was amazed when Jesus quite firmly spoke, that he was to be baptized in order to "fulfill all righteousness." If Jesus himself was baptized who are we to presume, teach, believe [baptism] is simply a mere 'choice' or simply "optional" ... like getting fries with your burger? It is certainly not biblical to teach/believe that, yet the Catholic Church is accused often for not being a "bible church." WHAT??? And for some real irony, why is it that so many of the Baptist denomination (the various sects w/in it) do not even believe in baptism? I find that quite curious. Here's the age-old question as many still ask today:
What must I/we do to be saved? The answer is as it was some 2000+ years ago:

Friday, January 08, 2010

3 Alarm Fire!...

Firefighters Battle 3-Alarm Blaze In West Omaha - Omaha News Story - KETV Omaha
Please pray for our Jewish friends, David, Scott and their mother, Susan Brezack, who own this establishment. For over 30 years, they've had this business and quite literally THE BEST KOSHER Bagels in town! (The ONLY Kosher bagel business in town!) We don't know them personally, but we go there often and this must be very hard on them. I pray they'll open again and remain near our parish of St. Rober Bellarmine. They are a generous and loving family, who've given much joy and spread many a bagel not only with 'cream cheese' but with a real care and joy for their customers. This makes me very sad, too. :( O, Lord, please bless this family with your comfort and please, provide them with the funds to reopen and to remain the proprietors of the "Best Bagels" in town. Amen. VIDEO

Video and the beginnings of Bagel Bin.

Amazing! ...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Do not be deceived by the sweet taste of honey -

because it might very well NOT be "honey" at all, but a poison, most lethal, coated in honey. Michael O'Brien on the "new pagan fantasy culture." I have to concur with O'Brien on's very foggy in this world, so why add to the 'fog of confusion' and not just stay with CATHOLIC or at the very least "Christian" classics? There is so much GOOD, WORTHY reading out there, from all the Saints and countless Catholic authors, who bring TRUTH, in it's entirity to their work. Why 'mix in' to our minds and the minds of our children, the sugar-coated evil and call it good and harmless? The fact that there is such (usually heated) debate could actually mean there's a very real "problem." Right?

A few excerpts from [O'Brien's] article:

"Are we evangelizing or are we being "anti-evangelized?" We are no longer the 'early Chrisitans' cleansing a classic pagan temple and consecrating it as a church. We are "late Western Man" to use C.S. Lewis's term, and we are in the midst of a social revolution that is assaulting the truly sacred and degrading it at every turn."

"St. Paul prophetically warned the Christians of his times: 'in the future (that's pretty much "us" isn't it?) the Church would face many trials, and that chief among these would be not only persecutions originating outside the body of believers, but corruption of the faith from within: 'For a time is coming when people will not endure sound doctrine, but having itching ears, and following their own desires, they will surround themselves with teachers to suit their own likings. They will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths.'"

Prayer walking...

I've set up the treadmill (an old manual Jane Fonda model from who knows when?) in my office and have made the "New Year's resolution" to hopefully get a few accumulated lbs. off and pray at the same time. Since it's so snowy and very very cold here in NE of late, this is a great way to get my exercise in for the day. I can pray the rosary and in 20 minutes also get my walk in and enjoy Gregorian Chant at the same time. It's been pretty cool. Even if I don't lose the lbs. I'd like to lose, and never get down to the size I'd prefer to be, it's "good for my soul" to get the rosary prayed and be absorbed into the mysterious beauty of the Chant. It's like being surrounded by prayer inside and out! If you subscribe to Netflix, there's a few Gregorian Chant dvds you can watch while walking and it helps make the "prayer walk" 'fly by' (sort of) a little quicker. My favorite is Gregorian Chant, Songs of the Spirit, which is a choir and also monk singing with great views of the monastery/castles etc. So with that said, I'll get off this chair and onto the 'mill' and tread away some lbs. and offer up some prayers. ~ God bless.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Saint Greg... my kind of Saint...

Yesterday, was the feast of St. Gregory of Nazianzen, Doctor of the Church and St. Basil. After reading this short vignette, I'm pretty much a 'fan' of St. Greg. How about you? I find I get "belligerent" at times, or cranky about Church matters, too. I do hope to always share and speak the Truth in love, as we're told to do by our Lord, however, I also have a 'bit of a temper' at times, especially with defiant, rebellious so-called "Catholics," who choose to keep being so, despite being spoken to by Pope Benedict! How much higher authority does the Speaker really need to listen to about LIFE? Those types who've been told, and told again that abortion is NOT acceptable with Church teaching and yet they insist that it is, and that it was how they were taught by the Church and how they are going to remain really get my dander up! I also have trouble being sugary-sweet with belligerent Protestants, many of whom are poorly catechized Ex-Catholics no doubt, (and none are ones I know personally, thank God.) They're all over the blogosphere however, so I don't "go there" anymore. Unreasonable people make reasoning hard if not impossible. Those who berate and nit-pick and malign Catholicism out of sheer ignorance are one thing, but those who know better, but still are that way, are quite another! I don't hate them. I don't wish them ill at all, but I do grow impatient with their tedious arguments! I hope to become more patient this year, so that means, more "opportunities" to be tested. Yipes! Lord have mercy on my sin-stained soul. My heart IS to amend my ways, make peace and not retaliate, and to love as I've been loved. However, I'm grateful for Saints, who also struggled with impatience, tempers flaring at times, who also had to retire to solitude. I may very well end my days in prayer, study, solitude and mortification, too. (right now I'm dealing with the pain of gout ... learning to offer up physical pain is a little hard at times) Saint Gregory, pray for me... I get cranky, but my heart is still longing to "be Christ to others" and to do His will, even if I fall flat on my face countless times a day. Amen.