Sunday, January 17, 2010

Respect for human dignity/life...

Catholic TV - What a virtual treasure this is!


Is it ever acceptable to promote or tolerate an action that is morally evil, even as a means to a good end? No. Why? Because actions that are evil by their very nature, such as murder or the willful destruction of a person’s good reputation, can never be justified for any reason. They are inherently wrong or, as the moral law says, “intrinsically evil.” You can never call a bad action “good.” Abortion is always wrong.

It's my hope and prayer that my 'anonymous' commenter will 'tune in' and become enlightened to TRUTH, and cease to malign and disparage the Catholic Church ... which is and has always been, a 'hospital for sinners' not a 'reservoir of saints.'


Caroline said...

Don't give up, re: the comment about you having wanted to stop the blog. Always remember you are doing this for His glory, whenever you feel discouraged. People will find you but meanwhile serve your King. He is the one who blesses.

I did not know about the synagogue visit. Thanks for letting me know. I love our Pope.

Joyful Catholic said...

You are so right! I get my eyes on me, and then self-pity sneaks in to destroy what remains of the 'good.' But you have encouraged me more than you know. I pray to Mary my mother, when I hold her olive wood statue on my desk and she's granted me her graces by sending you here! Thank you Mary and thank you, Caroline! :D