Monday, January 18, 2010

Mercy in Chaos...

"But through trial and tribulation, illumination and repentance, they may in fact be saved through Mercy in chaos." Mark Mallett
Devastation, chaos, crime, looting, murders, anarchy in the streets of Haiti. We have that here, too, in the wealthy U. S. (though nothing as poor as Haiti) We have poor urban areas, where such chaos and unrest is constant and gang gunfire breaks the silence daily. Amid all of it, is God's Mercy. His Mercy, new every morning, with every sunrise extends to us all. Some have no choice as to where they live, what they were born into is where they must stay, and make the best of it. Here, some have the opportunity to leave destructive urban devastation. Some born into middle class families or even very wealthy families can be, and many are, more spiritually poor than they even know. However, no matter what are circumstances, we all can receive God's mercy. He can and will fill us with contentment and peace, whether we're in spiritual, physical/ material poverty when we only ask Him. For when we are bankrupt in our souls, apart from God's grace, due to sin (which afflicts rich and poor alike) and we come to the Lord with a broken and contrite heart, we will be welcomed with open arms, pressed to Our Father's Heart and find rest for our souls.

I can't imagine poverty like Haiti. I've never experienced it in my own life. I can't imagine wealth, palaces, servants to cater to my every whim. Every person, wealthy or poorest of the poor needs faith. Faith, Hope and Charity are the virtue we all need, desperately. When we are desperate and know it, God is there, like the Father of the "prodigal son" ... he RUNS to us while we're still a "far way" down the road. When he first sees us, he RUNS to us. I pray for Haitians. I pray for the wealthiest. Every man/woman/child without Christ is spiritually bankrupt and in complete devastation. What we must do, is rise up out of the pig sty of our own making, i.e. the sin in our life,whether in thought, word or deed, (poor people also sin in thought, word and deed) go to our Father, and whether or not we walk on dirt amid physical ruins, or on marble hallways, in finest attire, without Christ, we are dead.

Dear Lord, I pray for us all, for sinners around the world, in the Church and in my own home, of which I am the biggest sinner, "Jesus Mary Josepeh, I love you, save souls. Save us."

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