Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today we celebrate the Baptism of our Lord...

Baptism. If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me! Not necessary? If we're followers of Christ, then should we not "do as He did/does?" He wasn't baptized so we'd not have to be, (granted that's a 'corny thought' but one which comes to me because so many Protestants believe/teach, [Jesus] suffered ... so we won't have to suffer.) It's downright misleading, and completely untrue, for sure, but as far as baptism goes, it is a sacrament of the Church that is necessary for us to be saved, because as we know, Jesus "fulfilled all righteousness" and basically rebuked John the Baptist for not wanting to baptize him, when as we know, John said it was he that needed to be baptised by Jesus, not being worthy to 'untie his sandals' John was amazed when Jesus quite firmly spoke, that he was to be baptized in order to "fulfill all righteousness." If Jesus himself was baptized who are we to presume, teach, believe [baptism] is simply a mere 'choice' or simply "optional" ... like getting fries with your burger? It is certainly not biblical to teach/believe that, yet the Catholic Church is accused often for not being a "bible church." WHAT??? And for some real irony, why is it that so many of the Baptist denomination (the various sects w/in it) do not even believe in baptism? I find that quite curious. Here's the age-old question as many still ask today:
What must I/we do to be saved? The answer is as it was some 2000+ years ago:

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