Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmass... it's not a "day" but...

an entire "season!" Happy 6th day of Christmass! May we all know, and experience in our hearts and souls true

A heartwarming film for a cold winter's day...

Excellent musical score, superb casting and poignant powerful acting by Philip Baker Hall. Thankful for Netflix. I've seen a lot of very good movies since our son got us a year's Netflix subscription. I know at times, it can be a bit "out of balance," this movie watching stuff, but it beats the damnable news!!! I've rather "had it" with the news so I've gone into a real "hermit mode" maybe even a bit of a reclusive lifestyle, but for now, it's fine. I get to daily Mass, receive Jesus every day, should perhaps do more spiritual reading, (it goes in spurts as always) scriptures and praying, but it's movies for now. The Lord speaks to me through them, too. He's able to do that, ya know. :) A little 'escapism' perhaps, but I'm thinking it's "OK" for now. The movies I've watched and that we've watched have had much spiritual/human depth. They've caused hubby and me to talk about various things, which books do also, but there are really good movies out there, they're just not always known, and not so much at theaters, but independent films that tug at your heart without being overtly soppy or over-the-top sentimentality. Anyone for a movie day?? How about next Tuesday after ROJAS?

Sobering. Prepare...

I'm guilty. God forgive me. This is going to be a very bumpy ride. Judgment begins in the House of God.

Word of Promise...

Happened to see "Jim Caviezel Special" on our DISH listing this a.m. and went to TBN, (I confess I rarely do that anymore) and watched this program, a great interview with Jim and some pastor regarding the audio version of the bible that has been produced. It was a very powerful show, I hoped would be on again to record, but it isn't. It was nice to see Catholics and other Christians from other denoms in unison regarding this project. I kept wondering if this project included all 73 books of the bible, but at the time of this posting, I'm assuming it doesn't, which is sad, but I could be wrong. I suppose with all the evangelical support, it probably doesn't have the 7 books Luther removed, and that's sad in and of itself, but all in all, like I said, it was nice to see Catholics and other Christians unified on this. And as Jim said at the end of this powerful program, with tears in his eyes and his heart in his throat, and his obvious passion about this project and his hope for what this dramatic rendering can accomplish in our dark and troubled world in the hearts of listeners: "You're not made to 'fit in' you were born to 'stand out.'" He said a number of times during the interview that if you're a Christian, filled with joy, you won't have to say a word, the light will show through and attract others... much like what Saint Francis said, eh? It's true, when our joy is "full" (and for me, that's best being in the Church where the "fullnes of God dwells") it will show, but we do have to 'reconnect to the Truth' not just here and there, but daily, and pray that His light/joy will show through us, as we daily strive for holiness. Holiness is happiness. To be happy is to be holy, and to be holy is to be happy and not just 'surface happy' but JOYFUL. If this audio bible can touch lives, then I say that is a great thing and something I believe we'll be purchasing and sharing with others. Hey Paula, does Gloria Deo have the WORD OF PROMISE?

Monday, December 28, 2009

O little town of Bethlehem...

In God's plan, Bethlehem, "least among the clans of Judah," (Mic.5:2) has become a place of undying glory: the place where, in the fullness of time, God chose to become man, to end the long reign of sin and death, and to bring new and abundant life to a world which had grown old, weary and oppressed by hopelessness. Benedict XVI Bethlehem, May 13, 2009

Our suffering family in Iraq...

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq, as we have family, friends, heat, cars, Mass 7 times a day to choose from...and no car bombs blowing up our churches. Help me dear Lord, and all my Saint friends, to "zip it" when I start in on a "grumble fest." It's embarrassing to say the least, and humbling to say the most. Please pray for me that I'll be quick to repent, and offer up some sort of small sacrifice for those who are suffering far more than I.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

O NO, Canada...

Oh, Canada...
Canada's National Anthem lyrics and history
Both of our countries are in "major trouble" and yet, we "implore God" to bless our countries, while we worship 'earth' instead of God, we are outraged at the death of animals more than we are outraged at the continual slaughter of innocent babies in the womb...
O No, Canada, and the USA and the rest of the world, where 'hope and change' rings...and freedom of religion and liberty and human dignity is being lost in a tidal wave of sin.
God bless us with grace, with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts obedient to Your Will. Lord have mercy. We are wretched sinners, deserving Hell, yet You wait, You're patience exceedingly great, forgive us our grievous sins, against Your Holy Name, the Name above all Names we invoke, while we turn around and destroy all that is good. Lord have mercy.

The Greatest Pro-Life Story...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trying to pass a death bill on this Silent, Holy Night...

We must keep praying for an END TO THE WAR... on the weakest among us, the UNBORN humans.

a chilling, diabolical and

"The great majority of people will go on observing forms that cannot be explained; they will keep Christmas Day with Christmas gifts and Christmas benedictions; they will continue to do it; and some day suddenly wake up and discover why." - GK Chesterton "On Christmas," - Generally Speaking

Mass is never matter the weather...

It dawned on me this morning, as I turned on the tv to check the weather, how many businesses, schools and even cities and towns that were "closed" due to a "snow emergency." When it came to the churches that were canceling their Christmas Eve services, it struck me that of course, no Catholic parish was closed. There is NEVER a time when Mass is canceled. Mass is always celebrated, always said, because there's always a priest at the parish, and he always says Mass. Even if no one can come from beyond a block away due to weather, Mass is always there, never canceled because Jesus is always there, in the Tabernacle. Isn't that glorious and isn't it so wonderful? It's sad the other countless churches have to 'close' or cancel their service, but you see, that's just it, what they are missing is Christ IN the the Eucharist...not being apostolic in succession, they have to cancel their 'services.' I'm not putting any particular 'church' down here, only making an observation. The reality of the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus Christ, there in the golden, or silver, or other 'box' is important to the LIFE of the Church because He is the LIFE, the Truth and the Way. You can always count on there being Mass, daily, EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. If you can walk to Mass, Mass will be said for you. So I am very grateful to be Catholic. We've been back in the Catholic Church for 5 years now, and I laugh at the time I thought Mass was canceled, shortly after we'd returned one wintry day when I was the only car in the parking lot, so I went Home...but my husband said, Mass is never canceled Susie. That's JESUS. HE never cancels Mass, He's there in persona Christi in His priest, there in the Tabernacle, in the Eucharist waiting, no matter the weather, He's ALWAYS there, ready for you to come. Never feel bad if you can't make it to mass, due to icy conditions, you can always make a spiritual communion and happily we have Mass on EWTN, too. But if you can get there on foot, get there, and know this, the priest will be happy to say Mass for you, (provided the priest lives there, or near... there are exceptions of course but for the most part, Mass won't be canceled due to weather. And Jesus is ALWAYS there, for a visit) even if you're the only one. HOW COOL!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hard to fathom that so many people still have the incredible amount of "faith" they have, to believe we're all just some sort of cosmic 'accident' after seeing this, it really baffles me that those who claim to be so full of "logic" and "reason" and claiming to be actual "scientists" would hold to such "illogical" thought.

Do you know the origin of the Christmas Creche?...

The "Nativity Scene" or "Manger Scene" ... the Creche comes from a Catholic deacon, Saint Francis of Assisi. (here, too) I guess this is the 'one time' of year, we as Christians all agree on the otherwise "touchy issue" of 'statues.' I doubt many Protestants or evangelicals know this fact. I didn't until I became a Catholic. Tis the season that statues are put up in lawns of many Christians, who otherwise find statues to be considered idols. Isn't that a curious 'compromise?' Why are statues 'wrong' and considered to be "idol worship" the other days of the year? What gives? Just something to think about...and seriously ask yourself, if you're one of those who think Catholics 'worship' idols, by praying before statues, why is it okay to place those very same statues in your yard at Christmas time? Do you secretly 'worship' those statues, too? No. You don't worship statues and neither do Catholics. Let's stop the bickering over such silliness. Do you worship every picture in your wallet? No. On your walls? No. They're only reminders of your loved ones, that you might even "kiss" at times, just because you love them. Well, Catholics love the Saints and Mary, Queen of all Saints, but we don't worship them or her. Veneration is NOT THE SAME as worship. Let's enjoy this holy day (holiday) in peace and unity of our Beloved Savior's birth, and the loving parents of His who took care of Him, so we could have "Emmanuel" ... GOD WITH us! God bless you all, dear readers of this humble blog, this Christmas and throughout the coming New Year.

Mary and Joseph...

image carved by Jacques Bourgault from
Unborn Word of the Day

Mary Christmass...

One Bread, One Body


"All ages to come shall call me blessed." —Luke 1:48

The archangel Gabriel announced to Mary: "Rejoice, O highly favored daughter! The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women" (Lk 1:28). Elizabeth prophesied and echoed the angel Gabriel's statement. However, she added: "Blest are you among women and blest is the fruit of your womb" (Lk 1:42). Then she implied that the fruit of Mary's womb was God by calling Mary "the mother of my Lord" (Lk 1:43). Next, Elizabeth calls Mary "blest" again because Mary "trusted that the Lord's words to her would be fulfilled" (Lk 1:45). Finally, Mary prophesied the last blessing: "All ages to come shall call me blessed" (Lk 1:48).

God's word proclaims that Mary is blessed among women, the most blessed of women, blessed as the mother of God, and blessed as a woman of faith. All ages shall call her blessed. "Mary" Christmas!

Prayer: Father, may I have a "Mary" Christmas. May I love Jesus as Mary does.
Promise: "God Who is mighty has done great things for me, holy is His name; His mercy is from age to age on those who fear Him." —Lk 1:49-50
Praise: "O King of all the nations, the only Joy of every human heart, O Keystone of the mighty arch of man, come and save the creature You fashioned from the dust."
from Presentation Ministries

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pancake Feed Fundraiser for Jack...

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click photo to enlarge for information about the feed
and the other location for raising funds for Jack's kidney transplant.

Please come and help this family if you live in the Omaha area, or if you're not able to attend, please contact me for information as to how you can send a donation to assist this family. Jackson has been dealing with this kidney disease since he was two. I've known his grandmother since that time, circa 1997. If you can help with prayers and any size donation, they would be most appreciative. In the words of Tiny Tim...
"God bless us, everyone!"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Altar calls...

They're wonderful. I've gone to many in many different places of worship, fellowship over the last 35 years of my life. One thing is true, I never thought the Catholic Church had them! Boy was I wrong! Every day at Mass we have an 'altar call' and give our lives to Jesus daily if we go to Mass daily. Once a week, if we fullfil the commandment of our Lord, and go on Sundays, not forsaking the assembly and "doing our own thing" like sleeping in and shopping/football/ etc. In the evangelical world I was in for so many years, we were under the wrong impression that the old "stodgy" "man-made" Catholic Church didn't have altar calls and never had much Scripture either! Another bunch of misinformation!! Well, here's a great article on the "altar calls" that occur in the Catholic Church...which is really kind of neat, since there is always an ALTAR! Not a an acrylic podium on a mere 'stage' as is found in most mega-churches. The Catholic Church is the first, and foremost MEGA Church. It's so "MEGA" we need parishes!! :) Peace without and within as you "come to the altar of the Lord"

and regarding Scripture...if you go to daily mass, you get nearly the ENTIRE bible read during the readings
in three years time! There is scripture read every single day, and much more than in evangelical churches I migh add.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good news for those seeking quality Catholic...

Higher Education, especially in Canada and near Toronto. Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom Academy is the place to go!

Gaudete Sunday...

This isn't of our parish, (although I hope someday it will be) but what JOY and BEAUTY is all around us at Mass, every day, but especially today! The day of REJOICING! Happy Gaudete Sunday! The rose-colored vestments make me think of Our Blessed Mother, the Mystical Rose. Welcome her into your heart and home today, as she is "with Child" and as the baby John leapt in his mother's (St. Elizabeth) womb, so to can we "leap" today, filled with the wonder and joy of the coming Holy Day of Christmas, when Christ the King was born in a stable, where the breath of a cow and a donkey kept him warm, as his mother and foster father, St. Joseph watched him sleep in heavenly peace, there on the hay, in a manger, with the soft snow falling and the light of the Star shining on the path, lighting the way for the shepherds and wise men as they left their fields and ancient cities, to see and adore this King of Heaven, come to us on earth. Let the joyful anticipation of this Holy Babe's arrival fill you to overflowing today. Give thanks for all blessings, trials, joys, sorrows, laughter and tears. All is well if we are in His Grace.

Joyful all ye nations rise, join the tripumph of the skies, and with angelic host proclaim, Christ is born in Bethlehem, Hark the Herald Angels sing, Glory to the newborn King.

What is Gaudete Sunday?...

Find out here

more here

Vigil of Guadalupe...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Prayer request ...

This is an "urgent prayer request" as my friend, Joanne, has notified me of a fund raiser for her grandson, Jackson, who's going to be undergoing a kidney transplant on the 22nd. He's had kidney disease since he was 2 and things have 'shut down' so barring a miracle this is needed immediately. His mother is going to provide a kidney, so they're in need of help with finances. This is what she sent so I pass it along and ask your help either with some $$ and or prayers.
On Sat. the 19th a breakfast fund raiser has been arranged. It is going to be held at Calvary Lutheran Church, 2941 N. 80th St. -- just north of 80th and Maple. It begins at 7:30 and ends at 11:30.

The fund-raiser will help lessen some of the unpaid medical costs, medications, and help with family financial issues since Renae won't be able to work for at least six weeks.

The cost: $5/plate -- however, if that's not workable for you, especially since some of you have a pile of kids, come anyhow and provide what you can.

You can mail them a financial gift by commenting and I'll email you their street address. Thank you so much dear friends. Let's pray to Padre Pio and others for this boy. He's only 14 now and I remember him being so full of joy, even as he was in the hospital so much as a little tyke. Thanks, and God bless.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Netflix can do to you...

After 2 days of nothing but Net...flix, we now look like this. Maybe our son should have just sent us narcotics... oh well, we've been in a 'winter storm warning' in Nebraska, so perhaps we're off the hook? Plan on going to Mass soon, though, which I didn't do yesterday, due to the road conditions, but today is 'get dressed' go to Mass, and Adoration and thank God for all things, from blizzards to movies... good ones. At least we're watching good films. But boy, it is rather addictive, and I feel a bit like a "junkie."

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Our 5th anniversary will be celebrated with snow...

Jean Bellegambe
St Anne conceiving Mary
Douai, Musee de la Chartreuse
We are eternally grateful to be back in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church! I love today, the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. I love Our Lady, our dear and precious Mother, Mother of Jesus, Mother of God, given to us to be our mother, too! Allelujah!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Behold Your Mother pilgrimage, ROME 2007...

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A year and a half after 'coming Home' I was able to really "go Home" to Rome with the author (Scott Hahn) of "Rome Sweet Home!" And the author of "Mass of the Early Christians" Mike Aquilina. What a wonderful time that was! What memories of seeing Rome through "Catholic eyes"! In 1973 I was there wiht my parents, an 18 year old, 'non practicing Methodist' and I had "no clue" about the 'Truth' of the Catholic Church. What a difference 34 years make ... not to mention the 'sense of humor' our God has!

This weekend marks the most important time in my life..

It was 5 years ago this weekend that I read three books (Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic - Rome Sweet Home - Surprised By Truth Vol. 1) that changed my entire life and enlightened my mind/heart toward the Catholic Church. Last night, Friday night, 5 years ago, my husband came home, we cracked open a couple of beers and he proceeded to tell me that he was going to "go back" to the Catholic Church (the faith of his youth) and he told me with some trepidation, knowing how anti Catholic I'd once been. We continued the conversation over steak at a nearby watering hole and a few more beers. Sat morning, I delved into the 1st book (in the order above). Sunday, the 2nd. Monday, after reading Surprised By Truth, I could hardly wait to go to Mass!!! That week I also wanted a rosary and completely 'blew my husband away!' The vigil of the Immaculate Conception was our first Mass as "reverts" and our 5th anniversary 'HOME in Rome!" What a 5 years it's been! Overflowing gratitude is all I feel today, this weekend, and I know Tuesday, the 8th, will be one JOYFUL day as I remember my first complete day as a 'new Catholic!' It is with deep and profound fondness I recall our return Home, to Blessed, Beloved, Holy Mother Church. Never to leave her again, I pray. Never to be separated from Her loving arms, protection and graces. If you've been thinking of returning to the Church, DO! If you're thinking of becoming a Catholic, DO! Read those three books and ask God to reveal to you the complete Truth. He will!

Team Summa 09 ...

Had a blast at the St. Peter Winter fundraiser last winter. Hope to go again in '10

Be a fan of our Papa! ...

Epiphany Studio...

Jeremy is a phenomenal actor/artist. We saw "Lolek" on EWTN recently and now have it on DVR for future viewing. Jeremy is so gifted. Truly Amazing! Great idea for a Christmas gift.
Here's an interview of Jeremy on EWTN's LOTR (Life on the Rock) from 2007

Thursday, December 03, 2009


h/t Prodigal Daughter for this blessed, most tender and sweet photo. I've got nothing to write here. All I can write is, ... I love Padre Pio!!
"Pray. Hope. Don't worry."

The "real" Saint Nicholaus...

picture h/t Scott