Friday, December 11, 2009

Prayer request ...

This is an "urgent prayer request" as my friend, Joanne, has notified me of a fund raiser for her grandson, Jackson, who's going to be undergoing a kidney transplant on the 22nd. He's had kidney disease since he was 2 and things have 'shut down' so barring a miracle this is needed immediately. His mother is going to provide a kidney, so they're in need of help with finances. This is what she sent so I pass it along and ask your help either with some $$ and or prayers.
On Sat. the 19th a breakfast fund raiser has been arranged. It is going to be held at Calvary Lutheran Church, 2941 N. 80th St. -- just north of 80th and Maple. It begins at 7:30 and ends at 11:30.

The fund-raiser will help lessen some of the unpaid medical costs, medications, and help with family financial issues since Renae won't be able to work for at least six weeks.

The cost: $5/plate -- however, if that's not workable for you, especially since some of you have a pile of kids, come anyhow and provide what you can.

You can mail them a financial gift by commenting and I'll email you their street address. Thank you so much dear friends. Let's pray to Padre Pio and others for this boy. He's only 14 now and I remember him being so full of joy, even as he was in the hospital so much as a little tyke. Thanks, and God bless.

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