Monday, December 14, 2009

Altar calls...

They're wonderful. I've gone to many in many different places of worship, fellowship over the last 35 years of my life. One thing is true, I never thought the Catholic Church had them! Boy was I wrong! Every day at Mass we have an 'altar call' and give our lives to Jesus daily if we go to Mass daily. Once a week, if we fullfil the commandment of our Lord, and go on Sundays, not forsaking the assembly and "doing our own thing" like sleeping in and shopping/football/ etc. In the evangelical world I was in for so many years, we were under the wrong impression that the old "stodgy" "man-made" Catholic Church didn't have altar calls and never had much Scripture either! Another bunch of misinformation!! Well, here's a great article on the "altar calls" that occur in the Catholic Church...which is really kind of neat, since there is always an ALTAR! Not a an acrylic podium on a mere 'stage' as is found in most mega-churches. The Catholic Church is the first, and foremost MEGA Church. It's so "MEGA" we need parishes!! :) Peace without and within as you "come to the altar of the Lord"

and regarding Scripture...if you go to daily mass, you get nearly the ENTIRE bible read during the readings
in three years time! There is scripture read every single day, and much more than in evangelical churches I migh add.


Owen said...

Agreed and I lead some o'them services, back in the day.

I'm so grateful for the Altar of the Holy Mass. Now, what we need now is a return to the altar rail!

Joyful Catholic said...

You got that right, O! I am so disappointed in our archdiocese. Omaha is something like 55% or more "Catholic" and yet the lack of reverence and rails is so sad. There is one priest celebrating TLM and St Peter's where it's half/half WITH rails! It's beautiful at those two parishes, but our is sadly very "modern" and though the priest is a dear man, I've had some real "pangs in my heart" to hear all the "love love love" homilies, but never a word about the reality of sin/'s like it just doesn't exist! Then the 10 - 14 EM's that walk up to the altar DURING the consecration is a BIG PROBLEM and distraction- at least for me and some others. The high heeled shoes/boots of some women clumping up while Fr. raises Jesus is simply appalling...don't get me started...I already am, so I'd better stop and pray. My blood pressure tends to rise just seeing it in my mind's eye. Thanks for your comment, O.