Monday, February 15, 2010

For waters will break forth in the wilderness. And streams in the Arabah. The scortched land will become a pool. And the thirsty ground, springs of water. ~ Isaiah 35:5-6

We could all use a little TLC ...

I'll be going on a "blog fast" for Lent. For a full 40 days. I'm called to the desert, to cling only to the hem of my Beloved's garment, for at times, that is all that I might be able to 'see' or 'feel.' One small thread. On this past retreat, I read something that has pierced my heart:

"I know you love Me when I'm present. But will you love Me when I'm absent?"
That is the truest test of love. When the consolations, gifts, blessings, comforting 'feelings' are gone, then what? Where do I go? Where do I turn? What do I do? What do I seek? Who do I seek? If it's not Jesus, if I don't keep asking, seeking, knocking, and calling on His Name, offering a 'sacrifice of praise,' when the 'feel-good' times are obliterated by a long-night's shadow and desolation, then I've a ways more to go, on this path into His Most Sacred Heart. So with that, I'm going for a walk. A long walk into the desert. I stared preparing last Wednesday for the trek, when I went on this silent retreat. But in less that two day, this Ash Wednesday, I'm closing the 'door' and the 'gate' on all (things/people) that might be still trying to 'squeeze' out Jesus' place in my life/heart. I'm going for a long walk in the desert to meet only Jesus. To meet "Truth" my truest Love. I have to start out on "my own," just like the Prodigal Son did from the pig sty on his way back home and many other similar examples found in the scriptures. Not that I've sinned drastically, but it's the "little foxes" nipping at your heels that make for quite a racket and potentially cause much more harm, if ignored.

When I come to that "solitary place" that He has prepared for me, by a lone "Tree" I'll see a small plume of smoke in the distance, rising from the fire He's made for us to sit by, and it is there that I must go. The urge to 'blog' or check Face Book will no doubt hit. The habit to turn on the TV when the silence gets "too loud," might also tempt. Or even to reach for some book, no matter how good, might be a strong desire in that 'desolation.' I'm writing about this, because it has already happened to me once out here at the Benedict Retreat house last Thursday evening. The desolation came, but I didn't "persevere" and reached for one of the computers in the guest computer room, to 'comfort' me when the dark and forboding thoughts/accusations/and spiritual attacks hit me for a few hours. I pray that the lesson was learned. But when that happens, it is the time for me to not be anxious, but silent, to not reach for those other 'lesser comforts' and to sit at His feet, (even if I don't see them) to recline against His bosom, (even if I don't 'feel' it) to hear the beating of His heart, even if it takes some time to reach my ears and the 'ears of my heart.' But with child-like trust, I pray to be absorbed into Him, into that Holy Chamber - where all other sounds fade. Where the lure of 'lesser gods' gives way to the 'torrent of love' gushing from the Lover of my soul. When fear comes and darkness and evil seems to be all around me, I need not fear.
That is when I need to persevere, call His Name and ... wait.
God bless you all this Lenten season. Listen. Hear Him calling you, too.

"Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while."

Trust. Listen. Come.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I'm Still Blogging...

In the words of Pope Benedict: "There is nothing more beautiful than to know him and to speak to others of our friendship with him. It is beautiful and wonderful because it is truly a service to joy, to God's joy which longs to break into the world."

Operative word - JOY.

At times, I've been literally overwhelmed by Joy! It's not easy to write and put into words all the times I've had JOY flood into my heart and drench my soul, since our return to the Catholic Church. I was, for the most part, a pretty happy practicing evangelical Christian, but I didn't have the "meat" on the plate. I had a lot of tasty "side dishes" and even some yummy 'dessert' but the "protein" of His Flesh, the fullness of 'LIFE' wasn't there. For there's only One place where the full nourishment is. In the 3 different fellowships we were involved in for 26 years I did grow on partial truth, and I indeed my appetite for truth was 'whetted' in those communities. I made wonderful friends, a few I'm still in contact with via email/FB today. But I didn't have the "fullness" of Truth, the needed spiritual "protein" and I think that is what caused me to run with such fervor, for about 2 or 3 years, at each church, and then kind of 'fall flat' because I was running for the most part on a more shallow 'emotional joy' (which isn't all bad, but, like in marriage, if you're counting on the 'passion of the honeymoon' to carry you through, you're in for a real surprise!

Emotions, which are neither good nor bad but neutral, should not to be the barometer of our spiritual life. FAITH as small as a mustard seed, even in the darkest times, will always allow for a deep, profound 'sense' of JOY (even in sorrow) when lived out THROUGH our sufferings, because I believe Joy and Trust are two sides of the same coin. That was a big part of the piece that was missing in my life, as a 'joyful evangelical' Christian." I was "joyful" with a lower-case "j". As a Catholic, I'm now a more "completed" evangelical who eats of the FLESH of the Son of Man. Not morsels but a complete, satiating meal, where the "meat" of Truth, combined with the JOY of all the other Sacraments, rounds out the diet I need to run the race.

It [the Eucharist] properly understood and received makes for a Joyful Catholic Christian! It's not about the homily, the songs, the gifts He gives, the blessings that comfort, the consolations that soothe or the "high" we might feel in boistrous singing at a "praise service." It's about the REAL TRUE ABSOLUTE PRESENCE of Christ IN the EUCHARIST, the Source and Summit and Center of our Faith! Nowhere else can that "Real Presence" reside more fully and completely than in the Catholic Church. No matter what may come, no matter the hardship, no matter the pain of suffering or the smooth sailing we enjoy for a time, the Eucharist is our nourishment. 100% complete hydration and food. Pray for our priests! They give us Christ. Without holy priests, the Eucharist will cease, and many will die of starvation and sickness. No priests, no Eucharist. No Eucharist, no health. Pray for our priests.

Through the ministry of priests the spiritual sacrifice of the faithful is completed in union with the sacrifice of Christ the only Mediator, which in the Eucharist is offered through the priests' hands in the name of the whole Church in an unbloody and sacramental manner until the Lord himself comes.192 CCC

From First Corinthians 11 ...

For I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you, that the Lord Jesus, on the night he was handed over, took bread,
and, after he had given thanks, broke it and said, "This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me."
In the same way also the cup, after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me."
For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes.
Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord. 12
A person should examine himself, 13 and so eat the bread and drink the cup.
For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment 14 on himself.
That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying.

more sources

Another one for you, Garret. God bless.

I never saw the Dominican sisters on Oprah and found out there's no clip of it on You Tube...yet. I did find this. How lovely! God bless them.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

For Garret... Have a good week...

I'm sorry we have to agree to disagree. Even if you can't "stomach" the Catholic Church, it will be my hope that you will let go of your prejudice against the RCC and stop believing the vicious lies about it. Maybe one day, drop me a comment that says, "Hey... the Catholic Church rocks!" Ya never know, Garret. A whole lot of people have done just that, thinking the LAST place they'd ever wind up would be across the Tiber. It's God's desire for us all, as Christians to dwell 'in unity' but since that is far from happening, at least 'doctrinally,' we'll pray for each other. OK? God bless.

Tender Song, St. Therese must love this!...


Fr. Stan ROCKS!

Blessed Silent Retreat, Here I Come! ...

Blissful silence is only a day away! But till me, O Lord,...

I asked a commenter this question yesterday: "IF I were to decide to 'leave the RCC,' what church should I go to? What church is the 'right' one?"

Well, Garret answered post-haste and he told me to go here. However, he offered no 'explanation' as to why. He's not yet answered my honest question(s) regarding why the GBC is 'the one' and not the other two churches I mentioned where some friends of mine go, who also left the Interdenom Church we'd all attended for years. The line in 'The Natural' comes to mind: "They come and they go, Hobbs, they come and they go."

Maybe he didn't have time to answer it, in his last comment. Ok. I'll wait. GBC - the only place to be! Maybe they should call me for that "tag line?" I'd not charge them too much... ha ha

Today, with questions regarding the sacrament of baptism, or "ordinance" as they call it, I happened upon this rather ascerbic (in places) Baptist website. I was floored and stunned by their "What We Believe" link! It got me to wondering if the FBC and GBC agree on every jot and tittle of "Baptist" doctrine? It's doubtful, for if they did, they'd be the "SAME" church wouldn't they? If GBC is the "one" "true" "church" then why is there an FBC at all? Wouldn't the GBC be so big it would need ... oh ... I don't know ... maybe ... parishes???!!!

And which came first? The FBC of the GBC? If they do disagree on ANY point or tenet, isn't that a kick in the gut? I don't mean this in any way to be disrespectful of those trying to save my near-hopeless, pathetically Catholic soul in all honesty, but excuse me while I LMAO for a moment. Illogical stuff really gets to sounding pretty darn funny! God love all those trying to save me/us Catholics from the ROMAN WHORE'S slimy clutches and her evil potion-laden, adulterous wine.

I've had a lot of fun with you, Garret. I've respected you, and am glad you came by and left a few comments. But when one is not willing to attempt to find out what Catholics really believe and what the RCC TRULY teaches, but can only beat Her with a 2x4 every chance he's probably past time to 'shake the dust' off my "e-sandals" and move on down the road. I don't see that you're going to offer me any validation for my own "journey Home" to Rome, as it's not anywhere on your radar to acknowledge that reality of my faith. Either I'm back home in the One True Church, or I'm depending on the GBC to get me out and save me, because NO OTHER 'church' out there among the "thousands" is true or right. None. Only the GBC can be if the RCC is not. Logic dictates that.

It matters in the end where we go, and do belong and what we believe, even about the "basics" of Christianity after all. The "church" with ALL TRUTH is either the GBC, or it is the RCC.

I will live for and I hope I would die for (with God's grace I pray, should it ever come to that) my belief that it is the RCC that Jesus established as HIS Church, built on Peter, Garret. But thank you. I don't know if you'll go to the links I gave you in my last comment, or not, but I hope you will.

IF I persevere to the end of the race and remain IN Christ, (as conditioned by Jesus in St. John 15:4 and other places) I'll one day 'be saved' and of that I AM confident and DO have such great and blessed HOPE. One wouldn't have to be told to "remain" in Jesus, if he's never in any danger of "not" remaining, would he? But the warnings don't refer to 'retention' of salvation, or so I've been told. We didn't earn it and "by golly" we can't lose it! THAT makes not one WHIT of sense!! To "remain" sounds like there's a little bit of willingness on our part that needs to be there. We need to "obey" the Lord and His Will for us, WITH our 'cooperation' (via God's generous initiative of mercy/grace assisting us, of course) because that is what is required of us, so we can one day be in Paradise and enjoy the Beatific Vision for all eternity. Otherwise, why have any laws, rules at all? Seriously. God's constantly running to us, even while a long way down the road toward [Home] but we "do have to get up and walk" to get to those waiting arms, not far, but at least 'one step' which is a 'work' or 'evidence' of our faith. Then hopefully we'll finally arrive in Heaven, with a new glorified body and perfected soul, to rest in our being 100% saved without a chance of sinning and being lost.

"I was saved." "I'm being saved." AND.... "I hope to be saved." That's the Catholic way. That's God's way, not man's.

Yeah...Color me ready!

And that my friend is all I've got.


A~ JOYFUL ~ little "papist"

The name is different...

...but this is my story, too.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea and listen to this one hour radio program on this man's conversion from Jehovah Witness, to Evangelical Baptist, to Anglican and finally to his entrance into the Roman Catholic Church in 2006. God bless you as you listen with "open hearts/minds" and with a sincere and honest desire to understand what the differences are between us. For there are some 'heavy' differences that really do need to be weighed and sorted out in our hearts/minds. That is the "bridge" to reconciliation among those in Christendom, not "spouting verses" and "verbal assaults" to "prove the other wrong." Let us 'love as we've been loved, loving one another as Christ has loved us, and begin to dialogue and come to an understanding. It's not about "you" and it's not about "me" but it is about JESUS CHRIST.

I hope as you listen, with humility, (even if you disagree and nothing he says makes sense right now) to this man's journey of faith, it will answer some questions you might have been or are currently asking God, or discussing with others in your circle. Maybe you're currently without a 'church' body, in some transition and looking for a 'church' or fellowship, like so many do, going from one place to another. Or perhaps you've become disillusioned with the whole "Christian" way of life. I've been there. But happily, by God's amazing grace, I always had a deep hunger for Truth and a love for history. That was what made my search for Truth, in 3 different fellowships , finally come to a "head." Now my husband and I, like Tom, have been led by the Holy Spirit to the (One) Church where the Fullness of Truth resides. The Church Jesus established on earth.

Remember: When we have no basic premise of honesty, but our own bias, prejudice and negative assertions as the starting point, honest debate is thwarted and arguing becomes aggravating and for the most part, is pointless.

So, "come, let us 'reason' together" as God calls us to Himself individually, and as a community. God bless you all, and may Light of Christ illumine our minds/hearts/consciences and fill us to overflowing with His love, one for another. Amen.

Proverbs 15:4 "A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach of the spirit." (KJV) "Gentle words cause life and health; griping brings discouragement." (TLB)

"A soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse one crushes the spirit." NAB (St. Joseph ed.)

Hey Chewie... peace out.

From the Desert to Paradise...

This is a very moving, powerful and thoughtful article of a former
Jehovah Witness now a Catholic Convert.
Coming Home Network International Newsletter
Feb. 2010

When I read Tom's story and others who've crossed the Tiber (like I have) one thing keeps resounding in my own mind/heart, (other than the total JOY it stirs in my soul and sets my heart aflame for the Lord Jesus AND the Church He established) to read such profound words is this: Either this guy's a lunatic, duped and decieved by a horrible 'cult' or the Catholic Church IS the One True Church that the Vatican says it is. Not the Church where 'nobody ever sins' and no one makes mistakes or has not faults. (Show me one of those and it'll be ruined the minute you (or I) walk through the door, trust me.) No. There is not and can be NO middle ground or beating around the "burning bush" about this. Either the Church is all it claims to be, or it is diabolical satanic organization and all the other names some misguided, misinformed folks give it/her.

No one, who is honestly seeking after Truth, can read this and tell me that Tom Cabeen is a lunatic. Or that he's lying. Or that he's just a pathetic lost soul, like all the rest of the poor and miserable "pagan papists" drinking the wine of harlots with the Whore of Babylon herself. If you're a skeptic (like I was years ago) or if you're one of the millions who 'hate the Catholic Church,' and or haven't been willing to sincerely learn What Catholics REALLY BELIEVE, read this man's story, ask then, with the 'gift of faith' God has given you, and with a docile heart ask the Lord to reveal to you the Truth and see where it takes you.

If you 'ask, seek and knock' the Lord is faithful to 'answer' 'show you' and 'open the door.' Thanks. Thanks for coming by and for reading the file with an "open heart/mind" and if you're as hungry and thirsty for TRUTH as I was or as Mr. Cabeen, put on your swimsuit and 'take the plunge'... across the TIBER, Jesus and all the "Fullness of Truth" is waiting for you! God bless you as you "press on" and continue on your 'Journey Home.'

Another interview with Tom

Monday, February 08, 2010

A holy man, conformed to the image of Christ,
died in Auschwitz naked, starved and praying for his captors and torturers.
St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.
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JPII We Love You...pray for us

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I recommend this 3 book collection...

These three books are the exact three I read the first weekend in December, 2004. Starting with BFBAC then RSH lastly SBT. Starting Saturday morning, I delved in to BFBAC and by Monday morning, having finished Surprised By Truth, I was already "Catholic" by desire and by God's amazing grace!! It was glorious! Tuesday, my husband and I went to Mass, actually the vigil Mass of the Immaculate Conception, how cool!!!!!. I was so eager to go, Rich was really surprised at my complete "turn around" as he'd had such trepidation when he told me he was going back to the Catholic Church that Friday evening, Dec. 3. Well we went to Mass and it was unequivocally the most beautiful thing and time I'd ever witnessed and experienced in my soul in many many years. Then Saturday, we went to confession, aka: Sacrament of Reconciliation, confessed our sins to the High Priest, Jesus, via his "priest" sitting in 'persona Christi' just as the Lord instructed..."Confess your sins, one to another" ..."whose ever sins you forgive will be forgiven, whose ever sins you retain, will be retained." That means "someone" has to 'hear' your confession to be able to "forgive" or "retain." We knew we weren't just confessing our sins to a "mere" man. This is the way Jesus set it up, and if you don't believe it, I guess you'll have to ask HIM about it. I know the Holy Spirit will lead you into "ALL TRUTH" about this, just as He will about everything else if you're sincerely seeking "Truth."

Anyway, here's a great set of 3 books to start you off this Lenten Season, as we contemplate our Lord's Passion, what he suffered and died for and how he left us NOT orphans, to "figure out everything by ourselves" but He left us with a Church, not just a "nebulous church structure" that leads everybody every which way but loose, but a Church, with wisdom, order, and the "fullness of Truth." Who knows, maybe you'll be as

as I was!

My Journey has come "full circle." I ended up in the Church I'd left some 26 years before.

God's got a great sense of humor doesn't He?

Blessed Nunzio...

A "Saint" for the youth, and abused and cancer patients that I just learned about this morning. Pray for us Blessed Nunzio.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

How True...

"To live without faith, without a patrimony to defend, without a steady struggle for truth, that is not living but existing.” Bl. Pier Giorgio

TJ and the REVO...

and I DIG IT.

Spiritual Reading for Lent...

On Rebellious Orders ...

Archbishop Chaput.

It's pretty hard to recruit when no one can tell you're even a sister. They shed their habits in "liberation" from some, in their minds, "Oppressive Male-dominated Authoritarian Church" and thought that would make their orders more "desirable" for recruits? Not. The "dinosaurs" are dying out. I do pray for them, as they were so misled in the "sloppy days" of the 60's and 70's. It's very sad. The less strict and more relaxed and even 'rebellious' orders, with altered habits or without habits completely (or the preferred "pant-suit habit") simply cannot carry on and are 'dying out' because they've basically "divorced" their SPOUSE, the Lord Jesus, for the "lesser god" of "political correctness" "ecumenism run amok" touting "social justice" as their 'main mission' has become in effect their "idol." Bucking the Pope and the Magisterium isn't how to live out the Christ life in any religious order! It may sound good on the surface to some, as they say they are caring for "the poor" but as it comes to the LIGHT, their agenda is now 'laid bare' and what many are really worhiping is 'worldliness.'

I wish they could all understand it, but hearts do get hard, and pride does go before a fall. It's a hard and terrible fall, too. They do need our prayers. How many nuns now line the walls of hell for want of 'worldly' gain. Read The True Spouse of Jesus Christ by St. Alphonsus Liguori and if you're contemplating the religious life, and want to discern, you really better read it. It's heavy duty, hard, bold Truth. The spouses of the Lord need to focus radically on their formation, and it is not a 'tip-toe' through the tulips journey. It's like the National Guard (we the laity) equipped for the "local battle," or the Special Forces, doing what only they can do. Both are good, and necessary, but only a few are "Special." And they do what none of us can. God bless our religious sisters and brothers in cloistered or active orders. They hold the world together by their 'special lives' as True Spouses of Jesus, devoted expressly to prayer.

Come and See ...

Truth Will Out re: Abortion and the Pill!...


I also had to comment here after reading the
7 Side Effects of the "Pill" as they
left out at least 2 major ones that

Don't buy the lie...stop the cover up...

Saturday, February 06, 2010


keep you.

This is a scandal...but the Flood Light is on!...

There have been bad popes, bad bishops, bad cardinals, bad priests in the Church since it's inception. Judas first off. But you don't leave Peter because of Judas. You stay and reform from within and keep TRADITION, ORTHODOXY alive. There are so many who think because of this, it's "reason to leave" the RCC. No it is not. It is for the FAITHFUL to REMAIN and REMAIN FAITHFUL. It's interesting in Protestant churches how bad stuff goes on,too, but never gets the full-blown media bashing the RCC does. Guess that's because the RCC is the ONE TRUE CHURCH,hated as was Christ hated,reviled and persecuted, as was Our Lord and as He told us we would be, if we follow Him. Be not afraid! Let not your heart be troubled. Pray. Hope. Don't worry!

We're in "Good Company" being Catholics "to the core" so to speak. The Catholic Church is ALWAYS under constant attack from the evil one, (for even he knows where the REAL PRESENCE of CHRIST is!) and his minions, as in "wolves in sheeps clothing" or in this case, "wolves in shepherd's clothing."

Having been in the Evangelical world for nearly 30 years, when "shite hit the fan" in certain fellowships, they just 'fall apart.' In our fellowship in CA. the pastor had an affair with a woman he'd been counseling through a grief process. Within weeks, it was 'kaput' and they were just "gone." No goodbye, nothing! We were told to just 'move on' by the small staff that was left reeling from the "kick in the gut" and to just go to 'another church.'

Well,"No thanks!" That may be how it's done in the Protestant world, but not in the Catholic Church. Divorce is no 'biggy' to Protestants, (Henry VIII ring a bell?) after all, especially the smaller more Independent fellowships. Not a big deal to have the "revolving door" in those 'churches.' They constantly split, fracture, disolve, disappear, and it's just 'par for the course' to them. They're led by a "church structure" that guides and leads them...(whatever the heck that is) so they've no qualms about going on to the next 'happenin' church.' OR they just stop going. No big deal either. Well,not so in the RCC!

We'll take our hits and persecution for being in HIS CHURCH, the "ORIGINAL" and never leave Her! She's a wounded Church,a hospital for sinners, not a resevoir of Saints. But know this, She's never going to 'cease!' Jesus promised He'd NEVER leave us! Thank GOD! And thank you, Michael Vorris, for getting this news out, as tragic as it is, to the rest of the FAITHFUL, so we can pray and 'fight the good fight.' Lord have mercy!

I've been very drawn to the Sacred Heart of late...

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us
The St. Baranbas' Blog

Annum Sacrum
Pope Leo XIII's encyclical on consecration
to the Sacred Heart
St. Margaret Mary Aloacoque pray for us (me) to come to know Our Savior
better through your life and love for His Most Sacred Heart

Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart pray for us.

This says it all...

I love the zeal of Steve Ray's heart for Catholicism. I too share it!

Senate Judiciary Committee Postpones Vote on Pro-Abortion Dawn Johnsen

Senate Judiciary Committee Postpones Vote on Pro-Abortion Dawn Johnsen

Friday, February 05, 2010

Another reason "Sola Scriptura" is bad for your spiritual health...

It's only sinful if you don't take pleasure in it

I don't think some readers know to click the "bright red" in my posts, which will connect them to the embedded link. Below is an excerpt of the article that I've linked to in the embedded bright red statement under the above picture.

This just in: Homosexuality has been discovered!

[Anglican Bishop] Gene Robinson was responding to a question about how he could reconcile his behavior with the exhortations of St. Paul to the Romans. No problem, the Anglican divine replied. St. Paul was "absolutely correct in his own context given what he knew." But the Apostle-- even with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit working in his favor-- couldn't possibly imagine that some men would lust after men. Which is odd, because that seems to be exactly what St. Paul wrote. But evidently the interpreters of the past 20 centuries have been missing something, because Robinson tells us: "It never occurred to anyone in ancient times that a certain minority of us would be born being affectionally oriented to people of the same sex."

This is exactly my point. SOLA SCRIPTURA, reading the bible for and by yourself, with no "higher authority" to interpret certain passages that might seem confusing to some, is why JESUS gave us HIS CHURCH, with Her teaching Authority, the Magisterium. The Catechism along WITH the bible, (given to us alsy by the RCC) is how JESUS intended His Church to learn and grow and mature in the ONE FAITH. ipso facto. Otherwise we end up with denom after denom making up the "rules" as they go along. Ending up in chaos and confusion...just exactly as the author of confusion, the enemy of our souls, Satan would have it. Now, tell me there's no need for a "higher authority" and that 'you and your bible alone' are led by the Holy Spirit into all Truth and I'll have to say that is a 'lie from the Evil One' that you've bought. Just like in the Garden of Eden, "you won't surely die" said the serpent to Eve. "you'll be like God." In other words when we make our SELVES our own "pope" we are in deep doo doo. Perilous and dangerous thinking and very prideful to be so presuming upon and cheapening God's grace. But maybe the homosexual prayed the sinner's prayer 40 years ago. He's "still saved" according to some in the "once saved always saved" camp. DANGEROUS GROUND. THIN ICE.

The Catholic Church teaches us what suffering really is...

And how to live 'with' it, and accept it as God's will, if a healing or miracle is not given, and to offer it up for what is "lacking in the Passion of Christ * ... for the conversion of the world and the souls of poor sinners, and to even help those in the "suffering Church" (those in Purgatory) too. From Dr. Jeff Mirus

h/t TJ

* Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I do my share on behalf of His body, which is the church, in filling up what is lacking in Christ's afflictions. Col. 1:24

A commenter had a few more to make...

Here's what Garret has to say on his blog about my post/my comments to his comments on my blog. Garret, I cut off the discussion because you are not wanting to discuss, only to prove me wrong, spewing bible verses left and right, telling me and how wrong/or bad the RCC is. Yes, she's got her 'sins' like most organizations made up of human beings. But I won't belabor this here either. Thanks for stopping by, Garret, and for the comments. We'll agree to disagree. However, if anyone wants to "chime in" let the bells ring! God bless us everyone! I'm a joyful and most happy Papist. I only wish I'd have been one all my life, but my journey was 'my journey.' I've got great Evangelical friends, and Protestant (Methodist) family...with Catholic ancestors way back somewhere. Scott Hahn and every convert I know, is just as happy and full of joy to be in the Church Jesus built ON Peter! Glory to God and "Viva la Papa!"

To and for Christians re: Critical Thinking. How apropos.

Laments demographic ‘catastrophe’ ... as well he should.

Thank God for His Church and Her wisdom! Mr. Carl Djerassi, inventor of the Birth Control Pill says his invention is partly to blame for the demographic imbalance in Europe. I think I did post on this before, but having just watched the Demographic Bomb, on EWTN, I went in search of more information and came across this article from Catholic News Agency January 11, 2009. What is astounding is how so many people still think the Catholic Church is just "out of touch" and needs to get with the times, and cast off her "archaic" "old fashioned" teaching about contraception. How grateful I am to belong to the ONE CHURCH that never will change her doctrine! Every other Christian denomination has 'sold out' to the 'spirit of the age' on Birth control contraception since back in 1930, after the Lambeth Conference all mainline Protestant denominations "ok'd" birth control/contraception. They succombed to the horror of 'contraceptive mentality' which is 'against Life' and is 'anti-life'...all but one Church that is ... the ONE Jesus built. That very truth should send all honest seekers of TRUTH right across the Tiber, running through her open doors to be baptized (if need be) and confirmed! She'll never 'fold' to the zeigeist! Hallelujah!

Come To the River of Life...

If you're in a desert & come across an oasis, where the most pure thirst-quenching water is, would you not want to tell everyone in the caravan? Even if they've had some pretty good water along the way &filled their canteens, you'd probably still want to 'share the good news' re: the most nutritious water, filled with minerals. Well, that's what I do. "Come to the RIVER of LIFE" - across the Tiber is She

The Dome In Rome...

Is Really Our True Home. Hey, that can be sung to the melody of "The Rain In Spain!" (So...TJ, my friend, it seems there's another song in the making. What say you, bro?)

And as we know HOME is where the SACRED HEART is! The Blessed most Merciful Sacred Heart of Jesus! Calling us all, wooing us all, loving us all, showering grace on us all, lavishing tender mercy on us all. Tender and Divine Mercy! Please, if you've harbored angst and or anger toward the Catholic Church, please just quiet yourself and as Jesus said, "Ask and you will receive." That does not always mean a material blessing, you know. In America, you'd think our Lord was a Giant Vending Machine, constantly giving us our every craving. But He is not! He IS LORD. He also built a Church. The Church He built is 'on Peter'..."Rock." Not only on his [Peter's] "spoken words of faith" as so many Protestants/Evangelicals believe, but on him, himself i.e. his physical body/mind/soul. Upon this rock I will build My Church.

I don't want to belong to any other "church" any more. "Church hopping" is not (never was) for me! It's not because I'm "holier" than anyone else, or that I've got all the answers pouring out of my mouth and onto a blog. I don't. But what I do have, is a gift. The "gift" of faith, faith that brought me "back Home" to Rome. Pure. Simple. Faith. Some don't acknowledge it. Some ignore and don't even ask me about it. They keep 'that topic' at arms length or farther. Some might think I've "lost my way"... and some probably don't give a rat's hind end. No matter what others think or say about me and my journey to the Catholic Church doesn't really matter any more to me, either. For in the Gospels Jesus said to those he sent out 'two by two.'
Jesus said to them,
“Wherever you enter a house, stay there until you leave from there.Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you, leave there and shake the dust off your feet in testimony against them.” So they went off and preached repentance. The Twelve drove out many demons,
and they anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them.

What do I mean quoting that verse in St. Mark 6? It sounds harsh. It is harsh, but Truth is harsh. Truth confronts us all 'where we are.' Every day we have to confront truth. But I don't think Jesus is talking about pagan houses they might enter, as much as 'religious' houses of those who think they know or have all the 'truth.' (And don't need anymore, "thank you very much.") Those who are comfortable with the status quo, so that if they disagree with the disciples about the 'good news' they're telling them, then the dust must be shaken off the sandals. Not with "hate" but with a firm as resolute resolve to "follow Jesus, (and His Church for they are ONE) no matter who is against us. No matter the 'uncomfortable' silence.

As I said above, I love and respect my Protestant/Evangelical friends, and hope to meet with them as often as we're able. We can and do have a lot of fun, but when it comes to sharing more on a spiritual level, it's very difficult. Understanding my decision to 'be Catholic' seems to be the proverbial...

I would welcome a honest question or two from my friends/family. I'd like to hear something along the lines of: "How are you doing in the Catholic Church?" "How did you really end up there, Susie?" "I don't understand how you could be "Catholic, can you help me understand?" But I never get one question of the sort. Only silence.

Either they don't care, or they don't want to ask and 'rock their own cozy theological boat.' Or they're too comfortable where they are with the 'status quo.' I used to be comfy there, so I get it, yet they don't care to even find out more about my walk with Jesus any more. It seems the waters are too choppy now. They don't want to delve any deeper or question their own faith walk because it is scary. Maybe they don't want the hassle other members of their family finding out about their own curiosity? Maybe they've come to believe the lies and misinformation about the Catholic Church that their parents or family were probably taught, believed and handed down to them? Any number of reasons. Any number of excuses, but what it really comes down to is just plain "fear." Fear of all of the above, or just one thing whatever it might be. Fear.

But Perfect Love casts out fear. Perfect Love is Jesus. Perfect Love is His Church, (not that the Church is perfect) for it is where sinners dwell ...but also Saints! Heroes and heroines of the Faith who've worn a path for us, where we can walk in their ancient and not so ancient steps to learn how to become holy. Where the sick are healed and made perfect, through all SEVEN Sacraments. Not 5, not 2 or none. I can only pray for us all, and hope my family & friends - even or especially those that are 'Catholic' but perhaps not "fully" practicing, will be more deeply converted, and fall more deeply in love with the history of the ONE TRUE CHURCH/FAITH. We all need more deep conversion, every day. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love souls! Some could even comment here and ask me why I ended a post calling on "Jesus Mary and Joseph" to save souls. What's THAT all about? Isn't there only "ONE" Mediator between God and man? OK...I'll wait. Please go ahead and ask. I'd be more than happy to answer. ... Or is that only crickets I hear?

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, who are not Catholic...

I love and will always love and respect all my
Protestant/Evangelical friends. I love all my Methodist family and our roots. But when one 'seeks Truth' and one finally winds up where they least expect to be, finding "True North" ... it will cause division. Jesus even said so. I like George's story. I understand it. It's also mine in similar ways. There was a day I wouldn't have understood it and not have even cared to, for I was content with the 'status quo' (but deep down I wasn't or I'd not have ended up a Catholic would I?), but what I hope for is real "understanding" from those whom I love, but who choose to 'ignore' my story for whatever their reasons. It's difficult to really 'share' like we used to, because there's this thing called "Catholicism" i.e. the Tiber between us now. But all along the Tiber, in Rome, there are a number of bridges. It's my hope that one day, all of us can at least meet "on the bridge" and that the beauty of the "Dome" on the other side, won't be so daunting and 'odd' to them, but that it will at least be respected and appreciated, if not fully embraced.

With deepest love, and all my prayers,

The Sheep Are Coming Home...

Another Convert's Story
Welcome Home, George!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love you, save souls!

The Faith and the Church...

h/t Athos@The Four Mass'keteers

Belloc -Ekklesia as Home

Just reading a paragraph of this superb post on the writings of Belloc was like the Holy Spirit setting my heart once again on fire, aflame with love for Jesus and His Church. To love the One who gave Himself for me. Forgiving all my sins and welcoming me back into the Fold. I was wandering on the outskirts you could say, as an Evangelical. I've not "dissed" everything about being an Evangelical, but what has happened is that I'm now a "completed" Evangelical. When one returns to the VERY SOURCE, you become and daily become, through deeper conversion/repentance/conversion... the 'you' God created you to be. The "better" me is nourished more completely where the Fullness of Truth resides, than it was anywhere else. Not that what I was given was bad by any means, it just wasn't the "whole Truth" (even though they claimed they had the 'whole Truth') they didn't. Only One Church has the complete, the absolute 'fullness' of Truth. The fact that we are separated brothers and sisters is not a 'happy' thought. It must grieve the Holy Spirit who was/is sent to "lead us into ALL TRUTH." How can so many, teaching such differing things and doctrines be the unity Jesus prayed for for His Church?

When you take time to really consider, ponder and cogitate on this, you have only one question to ask: "Is the Catholic Church what it claims to be or is it a most horrific, diabolical cult? You have some Christians, who are 'bible believing Christians that think the Catholic Church is the 'whore of Babylon.' Then you have some that think it's just another denomination like all the rest, that early on went off the rails and was corrupted...and needs to be 'brought up to date' or whatever. Then you have those that don't even consider the Catholic Church anymore than ust a 'man-made' religion, with that guy that wears white telling everyone what to do.

Here's an excerpt from Belloc:

The Faith, the Catholic Church (the two were inseparable for him - and me), is discovered, is recognised, triumphantly enters reality like a landfall at sea which at first was thought a cloud. The nearer it is seen, the more is it real, the less imaginary: the more direct and external its voice, the more indubitable its representative character, its 'person', its voice. The metaphor is not that men fall in love with it: the metaphor is that they discover home.

can just as easily be asked of the Catholic Church.

you really should find out.
maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging you right now
to find out the truth about the Catholic Church.
Not from angry ex-Catholics w/ their ax to grind.
Not from Protestants who may be well intentioned
but sincerely, completely wrong.
The separation is sad.
The Catholic Church has been doing all in her power
to mend the breach...
what have you done?

A History of...

The Church in Stow
I discovered this from the daily e-mail I receive from
A Moment With Mary

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pope's second book on Jesus of Nazareth is finished :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Pope's second book on Jesus of Nazareth is finished :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


Little Nellie of Holy God...

I was just watching Forgotten Heritage, a program on EWTN and learned more about this little precocious child, who love Jesus in the Eucharist so much, and was so excited to receive Him before she died (at 4 1/2 yrs of age.) She's surely an example for our children, but perhaps even more for us adults, who've "grown up too much" and no longer have the 'childlike trust' to meditate and contemplate Jesus Real Presence in the Eucharist. Here is her story. Little Nellie, pray for us!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One Fine Line. Thank you, Douglas Adams.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."

This sums up my entire spiritual journey back to the Catholic Church. After nearly 30 years, enjoying wonderful praise and great sermons in 3 separate fellowships, the "long arm of Jesus" and the nudges of the Holy Spirit were finally able to 'bring us back' Home - to Rome. I must admit, I "never" thought I would end up a Catholic! I was so content for years, to just be a "non-denom" that 'knew Jesus as my Lord and Savior.' I'd accepted Jesus into my heart at 19, back in 1974, actually 36 years ago last night to be exact. Wow how time flies! But you know, now with a Catholic understanding, to "live the Christ life" takes more than a "one time" decision, praying/ repeating a "sinners"prayer, no matter how genuine. It did start me on a glorious path to be sure. It was a 'epiphany' that lit up my soul to the love of Jesus and gave me a desire to learn from others, to read the bible and 'walk with my Lord' in a way I'd never done up to that point. To be a Christian, however, takes DAILY conversion. Why? Because...I still sin!! That's something I never quite understood in those 26 + years.

I was "saved" (so I was told and believed) but yet, having at times 'wandered away' from Him, needing to 'rededicate' my life, after "leaving the Lord" at times...which meant I sinned, and fell from God's grace, not always "mortally" but venial sins DO ADD UP! And more than once, I'd go up front, to the "altar" which was really a stage but you get the idea... and looking back on it, there is really some cause for "understandable confusion." Once your saved, your saved. That is what I was told. But what about when you 'fall away?' What about when you sin? I know GOD'S DESIGN and HIS ANSWER.... be 'reconciled' to God in the Sacrament of Confession! That's really what I did as a Evangelical...but never would have called it such. I 'confessed my sins' to another (sadly unable to be absolved) and then "got on" with my life. After those years, and the same patterns emerging in my life, I could see the dangerous 'presumptuousness' that could creep in, if allowed. To "cheapen" the grace of God is always a concern, but yet how many stop to think of that? There is a "call to holiness" which a lot of people I knew believed in, but yet, what is the "BEST" way to 'Live that out?' Being a Catholic is!, as I understand it now. I don't say that with "arrogance" so please don't misconstrue my words.

Being a Catholic who's FAITHFUL to the magisterium and the Pope's words/teachings, doing things "God's Way" and accepting my daily crosses, offering up my own pain whether physical or spiritual is how best to "live the Christ life." Certainly there are many holy people in Evangelicalism, and other faith communities, but I was seeking TRUTH more than I knew, for when TRUTH flooded my entire being that December weekend, while reading three books, that's when I KNEW ONE THING... I HAD TO BE CATHOLIC. No other Church on the planet claims what the CC claims. Now it's either false, and a horrible joke or worse, a terrible cult (as some think) of it IS THE CHURCH JESUS BUILT on this earth to GUIDE US INTO ALL TRUTH by the HOLY SPIRIT'S LEADING. There's NO middle ground. It's the "T" intersection I came to as have many others. You must go to the Right or to the Left. You must 'stay' or you must "go.' Leave all for Christ, or remain w/ the 'status quo.' I for one had to take the road to Rome. Taking the plunge, crossing the Tiber to where "PETER" is. History would allow me no other choice! Being a lover of history, (beyond) the Reformation to the inception of the One Holy Apostolic Church could take me nowhere else.

I need that "sinner's prayer" daily. And that prayer, to "receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior' is BEST PRAYED at MASS! The ULTIMATE SINNER'S PRAYER! That is where I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior in the 'way he designed' in the EUCHARIST , the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, that fills my heart with such pure joy! I want all my Evangelical / Protestant friends to understand that, to 'come Home' too, but I know it's a struggle for many of them. Many of them probably think I've lost it. Many of them still harbor misinformation and sadly such 'anti-Catholic' sentiment it may never hapen for them, and that makes me sad. It was ike that for me, too, until the "lights went on" and my heart was flooded with Truth and gifted by grace to 'see' the Truth of the Catholic Church and Faith.

So...When I saw this quote today,
I smiled, chuckled a little and knew I had to post on FB and here on my blog. TRULY it is One "FINE LINE" to say the very least! - Thank you, Mr. Adams and may God rest your soul.
Douglas Adams, English humorist & science fiction novelist [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy] (1952 - 2001)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Wah Wah Wah... Why can't women become priests?

Get over yourselves. It ain't gonna happen.

Jesus came to earth as a baby BOY, born of the Virgin Mary. His gender is male. He was/is a MAN. Women can't be fathers. Fathers can't be mothers. Even after a sex change, you are what you are! No matter what you do or say. Please. Stop the whining. It's tedious and sour. If you cannot accept the Church, as Jesus founded it, and as it will remain until the end of time, go start your own church or join another sect/denomination. What is immutable is immutable. That means: NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Jesus called 12 MEN, not women. He gave the Keys to Peter. Not to Pheobe. Not to Mary Magdalene. Not to his own Mother, the most "perfect disciple." It's not a RIGHT. It's even more than a "calling" that you "feel" or "sense" inside. Got it? Jesus is the BrideGROOM. There's no gender blending when it comes to the priesthood. The angry, feminist tripe is downright ugly and out of order. None of those clamoring to be priests are being led by the Holy Spirit. They may be led by 'some deviant spirit' but it's not the Holy Spirit! Dear Lord have mercy. Thank God YOUR CHURCH has never and will never CHANGE to suit the whims and "social progressive" and their agenda, try as they might and are doing to subvert Her. They need to remember this: The GATES of HELL, "no matter how loud"...even if dressed up in pretty clothes with matching nail polish, will NEVER prevail! YAY!!! TRUTH NEVER CHANGES! Here's more on the tired issue.
And a little refresher on VALID MASS:

Pro Life March San Francisco...