Friday, February 05, 2010

A commenter had a few more to make...

Here's what Garret has to say on his blog about my post/my comments to his comments on my blog. Garret, I cut off the discussion because you are not wanting to discuss, only to prove me wrong, spewing bible verses left and right, telling me and how wrong/or bad the RCC is. Yes, she's got her 'sins' like most organizations made up of human beings. But I won't belabor this here either. Thanks for stopping by, Garret, and for the comments. We'll agree to disagree. However, if anyone wants to "chime in" let the bells ring! God bless us everyone! I'm a joyful and most happy Papist. I only wish I'd have been one all my life, but my journey was 'my journey.' I've got great Evangelical friends, and Protestant (Methodist) family...with Catholic ancestors way back somewhere. Scott Hahn and every convert I know, is just as happy and full of joy to be in the Church Jesus built ON Peter! Glory to God and "Viva la Papa!"

To and for Christians re: Critical Thinking. How apropos.


saintos said...

Interestingly I spent the afternoon reading and re-reading 2 Timothy from beginning to end. Reading it with faith and reason, reading with a convert's eye and heart and wonder. I once read and preached these passages based, in my ignorance and self appointed authority and today both wonder at my arrogance before God and marvel as His grace by which I was brought into the fullness of the faith.

Being that St. Paul had so much to say in that letter to Timothy about avoiding endless, divisive arguments I must confess, dear friend, to having no interest in reading your interlocutor's comments whether here or there. However, I do pray for our dear separated brethren most of whom, today, are in that state out of sheer ignorance and misinformation though some seem set upon hating the Church Christ established.

Tiber Jumper said...

Amen Sister Susie!
I have not experienced such joy, peace and grace until I converted/reverted back to the Catholic faith.
Folks can disagree with doctrines but they can't argue against what God has done in your life through the sacraments of the Catholic CHurch.

Joyful Catholic said...

Hi O. and TJ- thanks for the comments. I do pray for Garret. He started off pretty kind, but then seemed to not even care about "what" I was saying, only attacking it with verses to prove me wrong and let me know how wrong the RCC is. That's typical of many who almost "prefer" to remain in ignorance. I hope I didn't come off to harsh, for I know I have to work on being more gentle in my speech. Maybe he'll stop by again, but if not, he's in my prayers and I know you'll lift him up in prayer, too, if he should ever come to mind. I pray for all our separated's so sad that it gets so "sticky" sometimes, but there's time to talk, and a time to be silent, a time to rend and a time to mend. A time to shake the dust off my e-sandals and move on to a more welcoming "house." God bless you both. I'm grateful to have such wise and good, holy brothers (and sisters) in Christ in the blogosphere to help me out at times. Thanks much. God bless.