Friday, February 05, 2010

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, who are not Catholic...

I love and will always love and respect all my
Protestant/Evangelical friends. I love all my Methodist family and our roots. But when one 'seeks Truth' and one finally winds up where they least expect to be, finding "True North" ... it will cause division. Jesus even said so. I like George's story. I understand it. It's also mine in similar ways. There was a day I wouldn't have understood it and not have even cared to, for I was content with the 'status quo' (but deep down I wasn't or I'd not have ended up a Catholic would I?), but what I hope for is real "understanding" from those whom I love, but who choose to 'ignore' my story for whatever their reasons. It's difficult to really 'share' like we used to, because there's this thing called "Catholicism" i.e. the Tiber between us now. But all along the Tiber, in Rome, there are a number of bridges. It's my hope that one day, all of us can at least meet "on the bridge" and that the beauty of the "Dome" on the other side, won't be so daunting and 'odd' to them, but that it will at least be respected and appreciated, if not fully embraced.

With deepest love, and all my prayers,

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