Friday, February 05, 2010

Laments demographic ‘catastrophe’ ... as well he should.

Thank God for His Church and Her wisdom! Mr. Carl Djerassi, inventor of the Birth Control Pill says his invention is partly to blame for the demographic imbalance in Europe. I think I did post on this before, but having just watched the Demographic Bomb, on EWTN, I went in search of more information and came across this article from Catholic News Agency January 11, 2009. What is astounding is how so many people still think the Catholic Church is just "out of touch" and needs to get with the times, and cast off her "archaic" "old fashioned" teaching about contraception. How grateful I am to belong to the ONE CHURCH that never will change her doctrine! Every other Christian denomination has 'sold out' to the 'spirit of the age' on Birth control contraception since back in 1930, after the Lambeth Conference all mainline Protestant denominations "ok'd" birth control/contraception. They succombed to the horror of 'contraceptive mentality' which is 'against Life' and is 'anti-life'...all but one Church that is ... the ONE Jesus built. That very truth should send all honest seekers of TRUTH right across the Tiber, running through her open doors to be baptized (if need be) and confirmed! She'll never 'fold' to the zeigeist! Hallelujah!

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