Monday, February 08, 2010

I recommend this 3 book collection...

These three books are the exact three I read the first weekend in December, 2004. Starting with BFBAC then RSH lastly SBT. Starting Saturday morning, I delved in to BFBAC and by Monday morning, having finished Surprised By Truth, I was already "Catholic" by desire and by God's amazing grace!! It was glorious! Tuesday, my husband and I went to Mass, actually the vigil Mass of the Immaculate Conception, how cool!!!!!. I was so eager to go, Rich was really surprised at my complete "turn around" as he'd had such trepidation when he told me he was going back to the Catholic Church that Friday evening, Dec. 3. Well we went to Mass and it was unequivocally the most beautiful thing and time I'd ever witnessed and experienced in my soul in many many years. Then Saturday, we went to confession, aka: Sacrament of Reconciliation, confessed our sins to the High Priest, Jesus, via his "priest" sitting in 'persona Christi' just as the Lord instructed..."Confess your sins, one to another" ..."whose ever sins you forgive will be forgiven, whose ever sins you retain, will be retained." That means "someone" has to 'hear' your confession to be able to "forgive" or "retain." We knew we weren't just confessing our sins to a "mere" man. This is the way Jesus set it up, and if you don't believe it, I guess you'll have to ask HIM about it. I know the Holy Spirit will lead you into "ALL TRUTH" about this, just as He will about everything else if you're sincerely seeking "Truth."

Anyway, here's a great set of 3 books to start you off this Lenten Season, as we contemplate our Lord's Passion, what he suffered and died for and how he left us NOT orphans, to "figure out everything by ourselves" but He left us with a Church, not just a "nebulous church structure" that leads everybody every which way but loose, but a Church, with wisdom, order, and the "fullness of Truth." Who knows, maybe you'll be as

as I was!

My Journey has come "full circle." I ended up in the Church I'd left some 26 years before.

God's got a great sense of humor doesn't He?

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