Saturday, February 06, 2010

This is a scandal...but the Flood Light is on!...

There have been bad popes, bad bishops, bad cardinals, bad priests in the Church since it's inception. Judas first off. But you don't leave Peter because of Judas. You stay and reform from within and keep TRADITION, ORTHODOXY alive. There are so many who think because of this, it's "reason to leave" the RCC. No it is not. It is for the FAITHFUL to REMAIN and REMAIN FAITHFUL. It's interesting in Protestant churches how bad stuff goes on,too, but never gets the full-blown media bashing the RCC does. Guess that's because the RCC is the ONE TRUE CHURCH,hated as was Christ hated,reviled and persecuted, as was Our Lord and as He told us we would be, if we follow Him. Be not afraid! Let not your heart be troubled. Pray. Hope. Don't worry!

We're in "Good Company" being Catholics "to the core" so to speak. The Catholic Church is ALWAYS under constant attack from the evil one, (for even he knows where the REAL PRESENCE of CHRIST is!) and his minions, as in "wolves in sheeps clothing" or in this case, "wolves in shepherd's clothing."

Having been in the Evangelical world for nearly 30 years, when "shite hit the fan" in certain fellowships, they just 'fall apart.' In our fellowship in CA. the pastor had an affair with a woman he'd been counseling through a grief process. Within weeks, it was 'kaput' and they were just "gone." No goodbye, nothing! We were told to just 'move on' by the small staff that was left reeling from the "kick in the gut" and to just go to 'another church.'

Well,"No thanks!" That may be how it's done in the Protestant world, but not in the Catholic Church. Divorce is no 'biggy' to Protestants, (Henry VIII ring a bell?) after all, especially the smaller more Independent fellowships. Not a big deal to have the "revolving door" in those 'churches.' They constantly split, fracture, disolve, disappear, and it's just 'par for the course' to them. They're led by a "church structure" that guides and leads them...(whatever the heck that is) so they've no qualms about going on to the next 'happenin' church.' OR they just stop going. No big deal either. Well,not so in the RCC!

We'll take our hits and persecution for being in HIS CHURCH, the "ORIGINAL" and never leave Her! She's a wounded Church,a hospital for sinners, not a resevoir of Saints. But know this, She's never going to 'cease!' Jesus promised He'd NEVER leave us! Thank GOD! And thank you, Michael Vorris, for getting this news out, as tragic as it is, to the rest of the FAITHFUL, so we can pray and 'fight the good fight.' Lord have mercy!

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