Monday, February 01, 2010

Wah Wah Wah... Why can't women become priests?

Get over yourselves. It ain't gonna happen.

Jesus came to earth as a baby BOY, born of the Virgin Mary. His gender is male. He was/is a MAN. Women can't be fathers. Fathers can't be mothers. Even after a sex change, you are what you are! No matter what you do or say. Please. Stop the whining. It's tedious and sour. If you cannot accept the Church, as Jesus founded it, and as it will remain until the end of time, go start your own church or join another sect/denomination. What is immutable is immutable. That means: NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Jesus called 12 MEN, not women. He gave the Keys to Peter. Not to Pheobe. Not to Mary Magdalene. Not to his own Mother, the most "perfect disciple." It's not a RIGHT. It's even more than a "calling" that you "feel" or "sense" inside. Got it? Jesus is the BrideGROOM. There's no gender blending when it comes to the priesthood. The angry, feminist tripe is downright ugly and out of order. None of those clamoring to be priests are being led by the Holy Spirit. They may be led by 'some deviant spirit' but it's not the Holy Spirit! Dear Lord have mercy. Thank God YOUR CHURCH has never and will never CHANGE to suit the whims and "social progressive" and their agenda, try as they might and are doing to subvert Her. They need to remember this: The GATES of HELL, "no matter how loud"...even if dressed up in pretty clothes with matching nail polish, will NEVER prevail! YAY!!! TRUTH NEVER CHANGES! Here's more on the tired issue.
And a little refresher on VALID MASS:

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Caroline said...

Tell it girl! I loved this. I completely agree! You put it all so well.