Sunday, February 07, 2010

On Rebellious Orders ...

Archbishop Chaput.

It's pretty hard to recruit when no one can tell you're even a sister. They shed their habits in "liberation" from some, in their minds, "Oppressive Male-dominated Authoritarian Church" and thought that would make their orders more "desirable" for recruits? Not. The "dinosaurs" are dying out. I do pray for them, as they were so misled in the "sloppy days" of the 60's and 70's. It's very sad. The less strict and more relaxed and even 'rebellious' orders, with altered habits or without habits completely (or the preferred "pant-suit habit") simply cannot carry on and are 'dying out' because they've basically "divorced" their SPOUSE, the Lord Jesus, for the "lesser god" of "political correctness" "ecumenism run amok" touting "social justice" as their 'main mission' has become in effect their "idol." Bucking the Pope and the Magisterium isn't how to live out the Christ life in any religious order! It may sound good on the surface to some, as they say they are caring for "the poor" but as it comes to the LIGHT, their agenda is now 'laid bare' and what many are really worhiping is 'worldliness.'

I wish they could all understand it, but hearts do get hard, and pride does go before a fall. It's a hard and terrible fall, too. They do need our prayers. How many nuns now line the walls of hell for want of 'worldly' gain. Read The True Spouse of Jesus Christ by St. Alphonsus Liguori and if you're contemplating the religious life, and want to discern, you really better read it. It's heavy duty, hard, bold Truth. The spouses of the Lord need to focus radically on their formation, and it is not a 'tip-toe' through the tulips journey. It's like the National Guard (we the laity) equipped for the "local battle," or the Special Forces, doing what only they can do. Both are good, and necessary, but only a few are "Special." And they do what none of us can. God bless our religious sisters and brothers in cloistered or active orders. They hold the world together by their 'special lives' as True Spouses of Jesus, devoted expressly to prayer.

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