Tuesday, February 09, 2010

From the Desert to Paradise...

This is a very moving, powerful and thoughtful article of a former
Jehovah Witness now a Catholic Convert.
Coming Home Network International Newsletter
Feb. 2010

When I read Tom's story and others who've crossed the Tiber (like I have) one thing keeps resounding in my own mind/heart, (other than the total JOY it stirs in my soul and sets my heart aflame for the Lord Jesus AND the Church He established) to read such profound words is this: Either this guy's a lunatic, duped and decieved by a horrible 'cult' or the Catholic Church IS the One True Church that the Vatican says it is. Not the Church where 'nobody ever sins' and no one makes mistakes or has not faults. (Show me one of those and it'll be ruined the minute you (or I) walk through the door, trust me.) No. There is not and can be NO middle ground or beating around the "burning bush" about this. Either the Church is all it claims to be, or it is diabolical satanic organization and all the other names some misguided, misinformed folks give it/her.

No one, who is honestly seeking after Truth, can read this and tell me that Tom Cabeen is a lunatic. Or that he's lying. Or that he's just a pathetic lost soul, like all the rest of the poor and miserable "pagan papists" drinking the wine of harlots with the Whore of Babylon herself. If you're a skeptic (like I was years ago) or if you're one of the millions who 'hate the Catholic Church,' and or haven't been willing to sincerely learn What Catholics REALLY BELIEVE, read this man's story, ask then, with the 'gift of faith' God has given you, and with a docile heart ask the Lord to reveal to you the Truth and see where it takes you.

If you 'ask, seek and knock' the Lord is faithful to 'answer' 'show you' and 'open the door.' Thanks. Thanks for coming by and for reading the file with an "open heart/mind" and if you're as hungry and thirsty for TRUTH as I was or as Mr. Cabeen, put on your swimsuit and 'take the plunge'... across the TIBER, Jesus and all the "Fullness of Truth" is waiting for you! God bless you as you "press on" and continue on your 'Journey Home.'

Another interview with Tom

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