Friday, January 01, 2010


We do have to improve loving others, as we are loved so patiently by our Father, we must also do better at loving others...those that "get on our nerves" or "under our skin." That's where the "rubber meets the road" in Christian example. There are relationships that need improving, and sometimes that might mean, being with someone more, giving them more time, more of an "ear" when they need one, or it might mean even spending "less" time with some, or even perhaps cutting off some relationships. Not in anger of course, but for the 'good' of both parties, and if you spend a quiet time with the Lord, asking Him to guide you, NOT YOUR FEELINGS, then you'll be open to hear and do as He asks, and with His grace, with or without someone else. All AS HE WILLS. There are relationships that need to be 'let go' and prayed for as the memories come, and there are some people that we need to reach out to in more practical ways, that we've not done for some reason or other. God will show you how best to relate to "so and so" and best to continue or end a friendship. Be courageous, and give the Lord your "fiat" to "whatever He asks you to it" as Mary told the wine stewards at the wedding in Cana. "Do whatever He tells you." That's really all we need to hear, for today and this New Year,... isn't it?

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