Friday, August 03, 2007

a political ditty...

I wish I could set this to music. But alas, I'm deficient in the music facet of guitar has been relocated to Dallas where my oldest son has absconded with it and hoo nose if I'll ever see it again.

I'm not one to get too political here. But I've had the 'talk radio' monkey on my back of late, listening to Laura Ingraham now and then in the a.m. She's a convert to the CC, also, and she's had some very good religious segments on her show, so....

When the bridge collapsed in Minnesota, earlier this week, I read about it on line that night, this thought came to me: 'Hmm, I bet they're going to blame Mr. Evil himself...George Bush, for this" Sure enough, the left wing bloggers are proving themselves to be the most cynical and self-loathing group out there. Why are they so malcontent and angry all of the time? I'd not be able to live that way without a boatload of anti-depressants coursing through my veins!

According to them, it was indeed the fault of GWB. So listening to Laura yesterday, this little ditty flowed from mind to pen to paper. It needs a banjo or mandolins and a twangy voice to match the melody in my head. Paul Shanklin? Anyone? It won't read to you like it does in my head, since I have the melody and meter going on in there. I know some liberal leftist folk, some are my own friends and relatives. Sorry. But when I heard that people are really truly blaming GWB personally for this horrific catastrophe, it just makes me wince in sheer amazement and perplexity. That's so "Black helicopter" and such a wild conspiracy theory, it's lunacy.

Let's Blame George Bush

When will global warming
Melt your ice cold heart
So that it begins beating once again
I know that it is bleeding
But when will it start beating
My liberal, leftist democrat friend

Blaming GWB for everything
That's gone, going or ever will go wrong
From a bridge collapse to sneezin'
You say that he's the reason
The terrorists blow buses up with bombs

Ohhh, let's blame George Bush
Let's blame George Bush
For all of the world's trouble
Oh Brother there's no other one to blame
Than George Buuush.

susie melkus


Tiber Jumper said...

you gotta get that guitar back from your son!
Nice song Sue~

Joyful Catholics said...

thanks TeeJ. I hope to call Laura today, actually. I've gotten through to her show a few times, but we'll see. I need to get to work, but I don't wanna go...I'd rather blog away the day...