Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Papa Benedetto!


I love our Papa.

thanks to JMJ for the pic
where are you JMJ?


omniscientthefirst said...

Excellent picture! I just dressed up as him for our Vacation Bible School kids last week (we talked about St. Peter and the papacy on the last day). I carefully scrutinized pictures of him to make my poster board miter as accurate as possible. Maybe I'll have to put up pictures on my blog later today of my outfit. The wig made of white yarn was excellent!

God bless Papa Benny!!!

Joyful Catholics said...

Hey OTF,

I'd love to see the pics! Thanks for popping in.


omniscientthefirst said...

I posted the pics on my blog under the A Week with the Saints topic. Check them out!


Karen E. said...

What a fun picture. :-)

Found you through Jeff Baker. I'm a fellow Nebraskan, though not currently living in Omaha. Blessings to you!

Sanctus Belle said...

Love the picture!

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for popping in to my blog. I recently returned from a pilgrimage to Rome/Assisi and when I saw Papa so close, w/in just a few feet, I was trembling and overcome with emotion. I was anti Catholic Church for years, (not Catholic's per se, as I had many Catholic friends) but to be in the safety of the CC now is just the most freeing thing I've ever known, and the authority I know is what I craved after years in the fray of "Burger King of Kings" religion my way.

Bless you. We're from Grand Island originally. Omaha's great though. Have you ever been to the Holy Family Shrine?