Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pastel God - Read by Dr. Ray Guarendi

read by Dr. Ray Guarendi, July 06, 2006.

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click that and listen to my dear friend read my poem, Pastel God. It was a very kind gesture on his part and it really touched me. Thanks Doc ~

Pastel God

We’ve painted God a soft pastel

To blend with our décor

His eyes no longer burn with fire

We don’t fear Him anymore

No more talk of blood-red sin

No more talk of hell

No fear of God resides in us

His commandments we dispel

The bloody path to Calvary

We’ve chosen to ignore

Material gain we gladly embrace

While our crosses remain on the floor

Allured by New Age philosophies

Which exalt and esteem only self

We leave the Truth for hollow lies

While His Word gathers dust on the shelf

The promises of God are packaged

And sold, like charms in a pastel box

We quote them proudly and they tickle us pink

While we blindly forget what they cost

In believing only part of the Truth

What we fail to fully perceive

Is the dangerous trade, we have just made

And in the end it’s a lie we believe

We’ve painted God a soft pastel

To blend with our décor

His eyes no longer burn with fire

We don’t fear Him anymore

©Susie Melkus


omniscientthefirst said...

Excellent poem... and filled with truth!!!

A little off topic, but how did you get to know Dr. Ray?

I greatly enjoyed his and Fr. Fete's (may he be living in eternal peace with God) "What Catholics Really Believe" series on EWTN.

Joyful Catholics said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I got to know Dr. Ray through emails the last two years. Then when he came to Omaha and did the show, in Sept 2005 I went to KVSS to meet him. He already "knew my life," so to speak, We've emailed ever since. I am the "susie from omaha" who calls in on a fairly regular basis. And there's a mysterious Fr. Kevin connection that we now share, too, so it's a very nice gift from God. I consider him a good and dear friend.


omniscientthefirst said...

Excellent! I haven't actually listened to his show before, but perhaps I will have to do so!

mike said...

You brought to my mind, unbidden, unwelcome, the pastel cover of that omnipresent book, What Color Is Your Parachute? I think you're supposed to write a bestseller, Susie: What Color Is Your Deity?

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much! I was so surprised to find your comment in my inbox and wondered if it might be from "Espresso Mike"....

Bless you. Pray for me...maybe that is a nudging from the Spirit. Others such as Kris McGregor have said the same thing to me, but I feel so woefully inadequate. But it's not about me or how I feel, is it? It's about what God wants from me, and I know many Saints felt the same way.

Thanks again for stopping by and your kind comment.

PAX, my pilgrim pal,