Sunday, August 05, 2007

A prairie priest and his blog...

Below is a comment I just left at White Around the Collar. (Great blog, Father! Consider me your "Prayerie Pal" in Nebraska. I love the photo you chose of the prairie, too!)

I don't mean to "toot my own blog horn, " but felt I must concur most ardently with the first commenter on Father Christensen's post, Archbishop Curtiss on Fornication, for he's "my" archbishop, and I'm very fond of him and his unwaivering, unabashed love for Truth!

Yes, thanks be to God for Archbishop Elden Curtiss. I agree with the first commenter.

The Church isn't here to placate the culture of death. She's here to be a beacon of Light, preaching the Truth in Love, and never waivering.

The Truth DOES NOT CHANGE, or it's not truth. Sadly, relativism is sweeping through the Church and she's always being attacked, but it's always worse when from within.

How Our Lady must weep!

God bless you Father. Drop by and visit us sometime when boating on Lake Blog.

Recent convert to the Catholic Church and Catholic because God's morality works. The "wisdom/morality" of the world is puny, faulty, and deadly

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