Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'll bet you were once one, too...

I don't know about you, but I was once a zygote, too. I was a HUMAN zygote, HUMAN embryo, and a bundle of joy in my momma's arms about 9 months or so after being a zygote. I wasn't anything else but a human being...with a right to life. In other words, I wasn't a polliwog or a rabbit. If you're pro-choice...what exactly do you think you were before you were yapping about choice? I mean,when you were in your mother's womb, were you something other than human and then transformed into a human baby immediately outside of the womb? Well, consider yourself lucky or blessed that the 'doctor' didn't stab you in the back of the head and suck your brains out, as is being done right now to a little baby boy or girl. Once you were partially out of the birth canal, you evidently got to live. You made it. You're alive and reading this. Don't other zygotes, embryos (that are only babies very small) deserve a right to life, too?

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