Thursday, August 02, 2007

My comment to the pastor in Omaha...incase he doesn't post it. . .

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I’m sorry to find such hatred here. I was Methodist, then Pentecostal then Evangelical and now Catholic. I was “saved” at the age of 19 for I was “born again.” But, golly, maybe now that I’m Catholic I was never saved at all? How would I know? I was told at an Independent full gospel fellowship in California back in the Jesus Movement days that I was “saved” and could never lose my salvation…but now that I’m Catholic, well, evidently my ‘born again’ experience didn’t take. I guess I am doomed to hell now.

This is the kind of sad commentary that keeps the lost from really seeking Christ…. there’s not one of the 30,000 protestant churches or fellowships that can agree with each other on the major tenets of the faith…Baptize babies? No. Yes. Baptism at all? No. Yes. And so it goes. Did Jesus found a Church or churches? Is the Father in accord with the Son and the Spirit? Are they one? Or are they, too, bickering like every denom and little start up church on the block? Just askin’

Proud and happy papist, right here in Omaha, who got the blessing of Pastor Les Beauchamp when we wrote him and told him of our return to the Catholic Church. He was genuine in his love for us and his blessing. We’d been at Trinity for 14 years and will always appreciate what we learned there by LOVING Christians.


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