Thursday, August 02, 2007

What's in a blog name?

Yep, I've gone "'round the bend." I'm a little loopy tonight. Those of you who know me understand me and my "loopiness," those of you who don't, dont' and it's quite alright. I debated posting this, but "loopiness" won. Clear-thinking lost. I don't mean to scare new visitors or old ones away.

Some of these names are already used as Blog titles.

"I say, Jeeves, let the games begin!" That's what I feel like....I feel rather "Woostery"
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So here goes.

1. Bloggone It! (taken)
2. A bump on a Blog, Jeeves (taken ...not the "Jeeves" part)
3. Resevoir Blogs (already out there, so at least I know I'm thinking like other creative blokes....)
4. Hot bliggity blog (taken)
5. Lad a Blog (This one's not taken, wow.... whoever swipes it from here, you're welcome.)
6. Blog Cabin (taken)
7. Junkyard Blog (taken)
8. Raining Cats and blogs (Cats and blogs was a "post" on a blog...not the blog name. And "raining" wasn't in the title of the, looks like it's up for grabs)
9. Workin' like a blog (?)
10. Gone to the Blogs (it's only a post and an article title)
11. Blog days of Summer (only a post)
12. Legend of Bloggy Creek (GOOD ONE SUSIE....nobody has that...I win!) High5's all around. and drinks on me~
13. The Pressed Rat and the Wartblog (BEST ONE, Sus! A revised 'Cream' song! Someone really ought to pay me for this one! maybe in....)
14. Fried Blog Legs (not taken)
15. The Blog of Calaveras County (You mean nobody in Calaveras County came up w/ this?? Get with the blogram, Calaveras County persons)
16. Canned Blog Food ~ by Al Poe (Susie's on a roll. A very silly one at that!) If there's an Alfred Poe out there, go ahead and shoot me an email. I accept your thanks in advance. wink wink)
17. Nice Bloggie (taken as a title)
18. Sled Blog (nope, only came up as Sled Dog Blog)
19. My Life as a Blog (just a post or was it a blog?)
20. I'm Blog Tired (a post only and now, for my readers' sake, I'm done, and retiring to the recliner and sit with my's "A Blog's Life," you know? ; )