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The Protestant /Catholic angst...

After stopping by and reading Pilgrim's comment and your reply, I went to Google and typed in "Protestants who don't hate Catholics"...and was led here, to Catholic Answers forums, and found these comments on a thread. I particularly liked these lines below of "Teflon 93." I highlighted them in what appears to be "teal." I think I'll continue the search for Protestants who are "okay" with Catholics. I'm certainly not anti-Protestant, or I'd have to be anti my entire family. Of course, that's not going to happen. I don't hear from many of them anymore, now that I'm Catholic, but hey.....maybe someday. BTW, I really dig Teflons signature and had to highlight it, too!


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After signing on to a "Christian" discussion forum, I was utterly surprised by the hatred some of the Protestants expressed towards me and my fellow Catholics. They often did not want to listen and, instead, bashed the church on hot-topic issues: Mary, Tradition, etc...

Not only that, but the moderator himself - after I broke some forums rules (with good intentions) - writes, "This board is for Christian discussion, not the promotion of the false Catholic doctrines...." Well, after that, I did all that I could to get kicked off (again, in good taste).

Quite simply, is there no way to engage some of these Protestants in meaningful, rational debate? Anytime I tried to do anything, and I did make good arguments, they would only twist things around and go back on their own arguments...
Sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds awful.

It should be some consolation that Protestants do not hate Catholics, they hate the warped view of Catholicism preached from their pulpits.

We live in an area with few Catholics. As such, Catholics are an ill-understood oddity around here, as opposed to Rhode Island, the most Catholic state percentagewise in the Union and where I grew up.

When you don't know any Catholics, don't get exposed to Catholic doctrine or practice, it's very easy to demonize Catholicism.

Add to this the need of every Protestant denomination to justify its existence by justifying the Reformation and there's a natural tension.
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Tiber Jumper said...

So you think it's not over-reacting to point out the degree of anti catholicism out there?
I honestly don't see protestant websites bending over backwards to compliment catholics but I see catholics going on about their ex evangelical experiences in glowing terms, fellowship, love of scripture etc etc.
Thanks for looking that up. I was hoping my friend would take me up on my request to pretend he was a new convert and see what type of reaction he would receive. maybe it was a crazy idea.
Despite what appears to be whining, the + aspect of all this is that Chirs said we would be gated and never have I sensed such since I have been a real Catholic. The wishy wahy kind don't get much flak!
God bless Susi,

Joyful Catholics said...

No, TJ, I don't think it's over-reacting. We as faithful Catholics have the moral obligation to speak the Truth about "What Catholics Really Believe" and I might add, you do so with a genuine love, honest zeal, and your "tempered forthrightness" which never sounds like an "over-reaction" to me. I love my family, and the Faith, and I'll not let either be slandered, if I'm within earshot, or "blogshot" without speaking up, and quite vociferously if need be!

And speaking about "What Catholics Really Believe," it should be "required viewing" ...but I'm partial to both Fr. Kevin and Dr. Ray.

The 13 part apologetics DVD set can be purchased at:

Great to watch with a Protestant or give to a Protestant and discuss. Neither of which I've done yet. I did donate my set to the Immaculata Monastery library and had to reorder a set for myself last week. Stan Williams and I had a nice chat. There's also a large Study Guide that can be downloaded for FREE.

No, Stan didn't put me up to this, nor did my friend, Doc. Fr. Kevin, on the other hand, may be "pushing" his video legacy from heaven just a wee bit. ; ) wink wink


John said...

When you don't know any Catholics, don't get exposed to Catholic doctrine or practice, it's very easy to demonize Catholicism.

The same goes for Protestants, too, of course.

I'm a chaplain intern at a hospital this summer, and every now and then I encounter patients who go on long anti-Catholic rants. It gets kinda hard to the nod-and-smile routine at those times.

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi John,

Thanks for dropping by and your comment, you're right.

I really enjoy your blog, it's cool! The dogs playing poker banner is just great. I'm a strange gal, though...I adore the Three Stooges and I've always liked the Dogs playing poker paintings.