Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Roses keep falling from heaven.

Another great place to visit and learn more about my big sis and friend forever, St. Therese.
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I have just shed a few tears at being overwhelmed by the blessings of God. I went to a small rural Catholic Church for Mass Sunday, in the Lincoln diocese (Bishop Bruskewitz...need I say more?) and the reverence, holiness, beauty displayed and lived out at this remarkable little parish is heartwarming and soul-lifting.

I had given a small Our Lady of Sorrows medal that was blessed by Papa BXVI to a dear lady who befriended me one day when I went to St Joseph by myself on a "photo junket" one day 2 years ago, soon after our return to the Catholic Church. I've written before how I LOVE to take photos of all the Catholic Churches around Omaha. Well, just about half an hour ago, I opened a card of thanks from her that made me weep with tears of gratitude. I've been just overwhelmed at God's lavish unrelenting love for us! I asked, "Why?" and I guess the only thing that has been impressed on my heart that inner voice simply says, "'re my daughter and I'm your Daddy."

This delightful and dear woman, Alice, (the name of my best childhood friend who committed suicide when she was 28) wrote me the kindest word of thanks and set my heart on fire again for Our Lord and Our Lady, our Momma, Mary.

Let me say, that with all the junk out there, the crappy news that's only gossip and sleaze, the whining and complaining about everything under the sun, the angry politicians constantly grinding axes, the rude drivers, the customer service that is woefully lacking in most places, the crabby cubicle partner, the non-stop blather, it's nice to just 'go to Mass,' be greeted warmly by another, who's gracious smile you long to see....and then to get a note. I think that's what God is calling me to do, more and more.

BE KIND! It's not hard, it just takes a concerted effort and choice on my part to say, early in the day, "Show me where to spread your love today" ..."What heart could use a lift, some wings today?" OR JUST SMILE at someone. That could lift their soul to heaven if only briefly and give them some hope...... HOPE is needed today, not more noise. Not more clanging gongs. Hope for the hopeless, that's our call. I pray to answer it today. I may not alway be obedient, but I can sure always be kind to someone at least one time in a day, and that will change me, too. I'll become more the woman God has called me to be when I become his little girl who's happy to just sit on his lap and let him love me.