Sunday, August 05, 2007

Morning Memories....from a "Morning Memory"...

Okay, here I go again, lifting my own comments to post here on this little blog o' mine. About an hour or so ago, I popped in to Onion Boy's blog, and read his recent post, Morning Memory. Well, if it didn't conjure up some memories for me! His poignant few words led me here, for a few 'golden' moments, forever sealed in my mind. My comment:

That took me back to my Aunt Ruth's farm in Kansas, I was a tomboy of 8. She'd be at the stove, her breakfast table set for two, my bro and me. She and her hubby, my Uncle Galen, had eaten way before we did, and he was already out in the field. Orange juice in those "orange juice glasses" with the painted orange and leaves so prevalent in every 50's and 60's kitchen. Bacon frying, sun rays streaming in the window above the sink. And from where I sat, the back screen door was in full view, waiting for one little girl's slightly... still greasy fingers to push it open and run like mad down to the creek for a whole day of adventures, now stored in a 52 year old mind's "cedar chest of memories." I miss that farm.

I wonder if it was the orange slice pictured or "morning rays" that provoked these thoughts and ramblings to pour forth from mind to fingers to keys to here. Stop susie. Let Onion Boy get back to his studies.

Loved the simplicity and where it took me.



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