Saturday, August 11, 2007

TWO SAINTS,..cheering us on to the end...

Two of the most blessed, holy hands in recent times.
Clasped in a love and a bond that reached out
touched, blessed, healed, so many souls.

Thank you Papa, John Paul... "JPII the Great"
for your wisdom, your deep deep love,
your poet's heart, your
faithfulness to Christ
when physical suffering and the ravages of Parkinsons
disease robbed you of your health and
your mouth could no longer utter
words without the greatest effort
and even then, they were hardly audible
Pray for us, who can't seem to control our tongues
pray that we'll ask for the grace to
do so and speak in charity
even when we "feel" like we can't
to think before we speak
for we regret so much of what we do say.

Thank you Mother Teresa...for living out the Faith when
you experienced the most loneliest of desolation
when no consolation from your God
enlightened your soul
and you walked in a "dark night"for 40 years
tirelessly helping the poorest of the poor.
Please pray for us in this wealthy, yet spiritually
impoverished country where people live almost
entirely by their feelings, their emotions
that change with the wind are
followed with abandon and faith is
tossed aside so frequently
for a "feel good" religion
that in the end robs them of
Truth. Pray for us.

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