Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm glad we live so near here....

HERE as in Lincoln NE. diocese.

I love going to a small rural Catholic church...St. Joseph in Colon, NE. It's like going to EWTN for Mass. So reverent, so holy, so much care taken and only altar BOYS. No girls allowed. Sorry all you up and coming progressives, but according to a friend of mine, Sarah, there's absolutely no indication that having altar girls encourages them to become sisters or enter religious life. AND for me, my opinion here, I think it should be only altar boys and for a good reason.....preparing them for priesthood! I can spot a "potential priest" right off. In the Lincoln dioceses some listen so attentively and are so captivated by the Mass, it's a real joy to observe. Some in Omaha are, too, but in Lincoln the atmosphere is just so much more reverent...and the priest is never in a hurry to do all he does. I know it's not a large congregation and that's most of the problems these days with the "rush" feel at times, but when one goes to Lincoln, especially to a small parish, you'll walk out of there with such a great and holy transformation. Not that Jesus doesn't transform us here in Omaha, of course he does, but Sarah....she knows what I mean, right kiddo? Oh wait, she's in Texas discerning religious life with Sisters there.... never mind.

Altar boys still look like this in Lincoln....not progressive, perhaps, but

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