Sunday, August 05, 2007

In the words of Emily Litella...

And in searching for "Protestants who are "okay" with Catholics" I also found this website. Hmm. He [Tom Brown] says: "The Bible agrees with the Protestant ideal of each person searching the Scriptures to prove or disprove any person’s teaching, for the Bible says, "The Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true" (Acts 17:11). I have, like the Bereans, examined Catholic teachings in light of the Scriptures, and found that the Catholic Church is teaching grave error regarding prayers to the saints, the Papacy, and salvation by works."

I just have this question, WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT AGREE WITH THE PROTESTANT IDEAL? I want to see those exact words, not this stuff about
The Bereans...blah blah blah. They searched the Scriptures, TRUE, they DID. BUT, Tom, they didn't search the NEW TESTAMENT. IT WASN'T WRITTEN YET! DOH!

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH gave you the bible. The Bereans didn't. How could a loving Shepherd, such as Our Lord, leave his followers and disciples in such a state as to "leave it to each individual" to come up with his own understanding and interpretation...that leads only to chaos and 30,000 plus denoms...not Unity by any far stretch of the imagination. Oh...this is painful.

Peace, my separated brethren, peace to you. I say "separated" because it's true...we are. I pray that and say that in and with all love, however, but please don't keep publishing these errors about the Catholic Church and her teachings, that you plainly, and so overtly misunderstand. I can't write to 30,000+ pastors and the 5 new "churches" springing up every week in this country, (if not more, since "Joe Blow so and so" with a bible in his hand can simply start up the "1st Flock of a Feather United Church of Evangelical Birdwatchers) with who knows how many members, coming and going, like little lost sheep, (or perhaps, lemmings?) a week that are off shoots of off shoots of off shoots ad infinitum.

God bless, and please...come Home to Rome! Mother Mary would love to welcome you and take you to her Son, all clean, united and smiling!

: )
wait...guess I'm not quite through yappin':

Can someone please tell me if there are any Protestants out there who sincerely believe Catholics are Christians, too? And that you really LOVE us? Dispite our differences, would you just take the time to read the Church Fathers? The CHURCH doesn't need reform from those who "divorce" her, she needs reform from the faithful who STAY with her, and change only that which in certain discipline can be changed and maybe should be changed. She's NEVER going to yield to the whims of 30,000 pastors who can't even agree among themselves whether infant baptism in necessary or baptism at all. What about JOHN 6? What are the words Jesus says? Please read them and see if you agree that he MEANT WHAT HE SAID AND SAYS WHAT HE MEANS. Also, when you have a dispute with a brother, you're to settle it between you. IF it can't be thus reconciled by the two parties involved, they're to bring in some elders. IF it can't be solved that way, then they're to finally go to the Church. WHICH ONE for Pete's sake? The Berean church or the Thessalonians? The Ana-Baptist or the Nazarene? The Lutheran, or the Methodist? The Episcopalian or the Reformed Presbyterians? The Evangelical Free or the Assembly of God?
PRAY TELL, which ONE CHURCH does the matter finally get dealt with by the ONE APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY GIVEN TO US BY CHRIST?

Whew. I'm typed out. I must get ready for our RECON meeting. This is a support group and fellowship group for REVERTS and CONVERTS to the ONE TRUE CHURCH of CHRIST. Like it or not, He left ONE CHURCH. IF She's NOT who she claims to be, then we're doomed fools. IF she IS who she claims to be...then we're in the right place. I've been here and I've been there in 3 different Protestant/Evangelical/Pentecostal churches for over 26 years. I made many good friends, was loved by and loved others who were there for me when I needed a friend. I finally needed MORE than a friend. I needed TRUTH. I've FOUND THE FULLNESS OF TRUTH in the Catholic Church. Call me crazy. Maybe I am. But I'm going to die a crazy Catholic come hell or high water, and I'm only too happy to type that and be on my merry way to the Holy Family Shrine.

"The Holy Family Swine?" "Are Swine holy?" "I never thought of pigs as being particularly's like my dad always use to say...he'd say: "Emily...when I was a kid on the farm,...."

"Not Swine, Emily...Shrine"


"I said Shrine...not swine. I'm going to the Holy Family Shrine, Em. S-h-r-i-n-e."

... "never mind."

sometimes it's like talking to Emily Litella to some Protestants...they just don't hear, and blab on and on about what they think they heard about the Catholic Church .... maybe I am crazy. We had a great meeting by the way. Our two faithful women came who've been coming most often. Thanks Jan, and Gazelle.

"Now it's time to say goodnight, good night, sleep tight." ~ Ringo Starr

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