Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love the novena that my friends at Pro Sanctity have going right now. I've only done 2 days, as I'm not very "good at doing" novenas, but I hope to become more astute or disciplined at praying them.



The Pro Sanctity Family said...

Hi Susie, and all!

Novenas are like a nine day vacation with the Lord, Mary and the Saints. Every day for nine days we have the opportunity to sit at the kitchen table over a steaming cup of coffee and share personal and deep thoughts about things that are important. Daily our heart swells a little more with love for the Beloved, grows in trust and assurance that with God, great things happen!
It takes discipline to make the time to sit at the table and enjoy coffee and holy company, but mostly it is a joy and a great opportunity to grow in love and trust. Try it! Once you have a taste for a "reflective novena" like Mary in the uppper room (where the first novena happened) you will want to do one EVERY nine days!

Love and prayers, Teresa

Joyful Catholics said...

Thank you Teresa. I will do that...if I can find my table! ha ha I think the computer is my "table"...

Pray for me! : )

We hope to go to First Friday Mass tonight and see our dear Pro Sanctity friends.