Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our Lady of Sorrows tile - let her grace your home...

This is an 8x10 inch tile that my friend, Lt. Col. David Farr (Ret. Air Force) has made. His story is profoundly charming. When his second wife died, he said that "Mary became the love of my life." He's been to Medugorje about 8 or 11 times. He's has these lovely tiles made that are just breathtaking! We have one,and I gave one as a donation to KVSS for our Fall care-a-thon in 2005. I've spoken to Col. Farr a few times on the phone and we email a little. He had a stroke last summer, so keep him in your prayers, please. He's a very dear man and a gracious, humble, holy man. I hope he can come to Nebraska and visit us in Omaha, to visit us at KVSS and see the Holy Family Shrine. He's also made a St. John the Baptist tile that is really amazing. I donated it to the silent auction at the Shrine, so I need to replace that sometime.

His website, I noticed, is under construction right now, but his email is there, and his phone number. He's got an assistant helping him with orders and with his website. He was doing this mostly by himself for a while, but he's one tough guy, still going in his 80's even after a stroke. I hope to get to meet him, maybe this year, God willing. He's in New Cumberland, PA. HEY, that near you at all? If so, maybe you could meet him im person sometime and give him all my best.

God bless you Col. Farr. We love you and we're praying for you. I hope my readers will visit your site, and order this striking image of Our Lady of Sorrows. I have a deep devotion to her. She's in the middle of our living room and keeping us in her care and under her watch and protection.

God bless you all and remember, this tile would make a wonderful gift for someone devoted to OLOS and or for Mother's Day...only 4 months away. : )

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