Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Was it by his wrists or was Jesus nailed through his hands - as in palms?

I hope this isn't a complete waste of time.... yours or mine. IF so, I'm sorry...but...

When I go on line and search for images, as I was just a while ago, (I was actually looking for an image of a nail-scarred palm for a post) I come across interesting sites (or not so interesting as many of you might find this to be) and I pause on these articles and get off track. But sometimes, it's worth it. This one? I'm not sure but I'm dinking around with it, and posting it anyway.

So, I come across this site. Maybe this isn't worth bothering about, or is it? I find this particular subject sort of curious for some reason. One thought that came to me while reading this was that Jesus said we're ''written in/on the palm of My hand." I think about the nail scars, and how those holes are in a way,"us"...we nailed him to that Cross, our sins put Christ on that tree, but it is also His LOVE for us that made him lay down his life for his friends. Even while we were/are yet his enemies. We, our names, (reading about the significance of names recently also and learning that we are our names, or our names signify who/what we are) are the holes in his hands. If I think about it, (if it matters one whit) then I am going to be one who claims it was indeed his hands, his palms that were pierced by the nails, not his wrists, if what this man says is true, re: the Greeks and the ancient Jews and what they believed a hand and a wrist to be, then I'm thinking it must have been his palms that bear the holes. Am I wrong? Maybe. But that's my take, for what it's worth.

Whether by his wrists or his hands, Jesus was hanged on a cross for my sins. For the redemption and salvation of all mankind. I'm not myself "hung up" on this, but I came across this website and found it rather interesting. I remember m'y brother and I talking about this when we were in high school. He told me that Jesus was hanged by his wrists, not the palms of his hands. Now I find this article, and took the time to read most of it, not word for word, but I do find it is very eloquent and seems right as rain to me. Hey, Dobrodoc, what do you think? I'd never heard that it was 'scholars' of heretical bent, that say Jesus had to have been hanged by his wrists.

I've heard priests, holy, traditional and orthodox ones say that the nails had to be pounded through the wrists to hold his weight. (but there does seem to be more 'bone' there and I thought this same thing at times) I'm curious now as to what you have to say TJ. I'd never thought about it mattering too much, as both explainations seemed to 'hold weight.' Now I wonder if this does or doesn't matter? Not necessarily to someone's eternal salvation, as to what they believe, but I've seen most crucifixes with the nails IN the palms of Jesus, and yet, as this man says, they're also in his feet, not his ankles. Hmm.

I have really thought about this from time to time when I've gazed at a crucifix. That old conversation has crept back into my memory at these times (that my brother and I had all those years ago.) I don't remember taking sides, per se. But I do know that my brother isn't one to call himself a "Christian" these days or for all of his adult life, or at least not outloud. Maybe he's more an agnostic, and I've not heard him call himself an atheist either. What do my other readers think about this? Here's the article on "WRISTS OR HANDS"

now back to hunting for a picture..... PAX to all. By the way, I'm not trying to start any silly arguments here for the record. ; )


Marie said...

I once read somehere(forget where?) that the Roman Soldiers tied the arms of Jesus to the Cross and they then pierced his hands with the nails.

The rope and the weight of his body pulled his shoulder sockets out..I wont get graphic..But I wonder if that is an explanation?

I wish I could remember where I read that?

Peace to you:)


Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks! It seems that I have seen rope sometimes on Jesus, but maybe it was a movie....? Thanks for dropping in and making my day!

Bless you.

Tiber Jumper said...

HEy Susie:
I have thought about this a few times
in anatomy class in med school, wondering if the ligaments between the metacarpals could hold the weight. I found after dissecting through those ligaments, that there is a very good chance they could support the wit of a 70 kg man, 35 kgms on each hand or less because he also was supported by his feet. But putting anatomy and physics aside I go with this:
The answer is found in the Scripture in John ‘Reach here your finger, and see My hands; and reach here your hand, and put it into My side; and be not unbelieving, but believing.’ Thomas answered and said to Him, ‘My Lord and my God!’"

Joyful Catholics said...

Amen, TJ! My Lord and my God! I can't help but think of that, when I go to Mass and see the bread, and be given the gift of faith to believe that my Lord and my God is there, present in that wafer, those molecules of bread He changes to be his flesh and blood...and I eat and receive LIFE! My Lord and my GOD!!!

What love the Father has lavished on us! To call us sons and daughters!