Saturday, January 26, 2008

A prodigious experiment...

We just watched this video again. Laughter is the best medicine and this Doc knows it. Who knew Catholics were so funny? It's not only funny but very scientific, too. Share this with some Protestants and see what they might think about it. I would hope they'd laugh, too. Enjoy.


Tiber Jumper said...

I played this for a ex Catholic protestant friend of mine. For unclear reasons, he did not seem to find it funny ! PD and I were just about breaking out laughing during the whole thing and it was such fun.
As soon as I came back to the Church and heard the truth about the "Catholic Church adding books to the Bible", I wanted to do this experiment.
I haven't yet gotten the nerve to send this to the theologian who said on a podcast that "Catholics added books to the Bible." This was really a response to him. It saddened me that a gentleman with such excellent learning and credentials could let his hatred of "all things Catholic" make such an obviously incorrect and biased statement. A dumb school kid with a bathroom scale and use of basic scientific principle could prove him wrong. Oy ve.

Joyful Catholics said...

I don't know how anyone couldn't find the humor superb in this scientific experiment of yours. It's the best! As my priest friend, Fr. Felix told me this morning,"Why do we keep tearing Jesus apart? As if he's not been torn apart enough..."