Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lent is drawing near...time for a reflection

I have come across the most beautiful Lenten Reflection. Our Holy Mother Church has these glorious seasons in her liturgical calendar to help us in our faith life, our growth in holiness to aspire to the heavenly reward enjoyed by our big brothers and sisters in Christ, the Communion of Saints. I'm posting this now, as Lent is just around the corner. I love Lent and the Paschal season so much. I never ever gave it much thought in most of my Evangelical years. Since Jesus had "died once and for all" and did everything, Lent didn't really make much sense, although at our last fellowship, our Pastor did encourage us to fast, either the full 40 days in some way or another, and many participated in the Daniel Fast. At any rate, Lent has been a very meaningful time for me since becoming "fully" Catholic 3 years ago, and not just because of the Friday Fish Fry and beer! Here's the reflection.

Remember, Lent isn't about kicking a bad habit, "sacrifcing" a craving for chocolate, ciggies, or t.v. It's about growth. Growth in holiness. Growth in faith, hope and love the 3 big virtues we all need to grow closer to Jesus and love others as we love ourselves. We need our time in the wilderness, for deep prayer, and fasting. Let us enter our own wilderness, our own desert, and come out more in love with the Lover of our souls, less attached to earthly things, cares and desires and less attached to our 'private sins.'


Tiber Jumper said...

We too love Lent now and have seen the benefits of fasting and prayer as a means to grow in holiness.
As evangelicals, it was "all under the blood," so those pesky vs about penance weren't a big part part of our devotional practice.

Joyful Catholics said...

Yes, under the blood and our sins were washed away by the Blood, but yet when it comes to Eucharist...well, John 6 was a 'squirmy' chapter wasn't it? I also had a friend who didn't like the book of St James, either...all that stuff he wrote about "works!" Didn't he know we don't have to do anything but ask Jesus into our hearts? And then we just trust...that's our work. Or as this signature of a friend of mine says, "I did nothing, God did everything." Martin Luther

Now of course, we as Catholics believe it is by grace we are saved, but more and more as I lived in that particular evangelical atmosphere, it was "pretty darn easy" to slip slide away, and yet, not be burdened by too much guilt, because Jesus bought and paid for my salvation...therefore, I couldn't lose it! WHA???????

teresa_anawim2 said...

Lent is on the way. Rather than not having sufficient time to meet the start of the season, I have time to prepare my spiritual life for that time...planning, deciding, praying about how my Lent will be observed personally. Thanks for these early posts which remind me to prepare!I appreciate them.
Peace and all Good.

Joyful Catholics said...

You are most welcome, Teresa. I am also very fond of this season, for some reason, it holds so much meaning for me, I need to grown in holiness and Lent is powerful. I need to seek that solitude and quiet place throughout the day, to just whisper to God and let Mama Most Holy help me grow in all virtues to be a brighter light for Christ, her Son. Thanks for stopping by again, too! : )