Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thanks to mmajor fan...

I was just over at Heart for God, Dr. Hall's blog. I read mmf's comment and thought it a very poignant one. One of the most succinct and meaty comments I've ever read on the topic of ecumenism. So I'm taking liberties here to post it. Thanks, mmf~ you've given me much grist to chew. We all need to do our best to be the 'plank'...part of the bridge in our ecumenical outreach to our seperated brethren. Even hearing that term "seperated brethren" as a 'born again' Christian evangelical in my 20's made me nuts! I simply didn't know or take the time to understand why my dear mother-in-law meant by it. I was offended by the term. NOW, as a Catholic, I understand. We're ALL too darn thin-skinned anymore and need to just pray, take a deep breath, ask Our Lady our dearest Mama most Holy to infuse us with her graces to "love all" as Christ, and dialogue on the bridge, and extend TRUE CHRISTIAN charity, for God is love.

MMajor Fan said...
I think (and pray) that your service and charism will be in great demand soon. The gap between Evangelicals and Catholics should not be as wide as it is, but it is. Each person needs to identify which plank they can lay over the gap. Also one must recognize that sometimes a plank is laid across the gap, but it is a one way street, not a compromise into mutual error. So I would suggest that you identify a few focused areas where you can provide a plank, rather than trying to provide the entire bridge. For example, here is the plank I most use. I explain the difference between an Evangelical's view that the personal relationship with Jesus is all that the Lord requires and the Catholic's view that God still requires sacrifice, which is why the Mass was initiated by Jesus and is different than a "praise and worship" experience. So I focus on educating through scripture that the New Covenant did not eliminate the requirement by God for sacrifice, but that Jesus in the New Covenant created the sacrament of Holy Eucharist which is the bloodless sacrifice to God. They may not agree with me but I find this plank is a very important one to have meaningful dialogue at all. Hope this gives you some grist for thought and inspiration.

January 21, 2008 10:45 PM

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Tiber Jumper said...

thanks for reposting her comment, I thought it was excellent too, but passed over it too quickly. The concept that God still requires a sacrifice resonates with the prophecy in Malachi regarding a "pure sacrifice throughout the world."
Many misunderstand this and say "there ya go, you Catholics think Jesus work on the cross wasn't finished" No IT IS finished, but He continues to allow the sacrifice to be offered up for us until that great Day.