Thursday, January 03, 2008

Am I ever jazzed tonight!.....

Father Peter Mitchell was on LOTR (Life on the Rock) EWTN and he's so dear to me! I've met him a few times, and was at his book signing at Gloria Deo last Sept 20th for JOHN PAUL II, We Love You! He is the pastor of Assumption parish in Dwight, NE and Bee, NE. I've been to his masses about 4 times, and they're holy, reverent, and like being at EWTN or something! He's great! We are so blessed in this state of Nebraska, to have our own Archbishop Curtiss here in Omaha and Bishop Bruskewitz in the diocese of Lincoln, where Fr. Mitchell is a priest. So many wonderful young, on fire, holy priests are in both diocese and the numbers continue to grow! Lincoln has some 40+ seminarians this year! I hope they all hang in there but if not all continue, the numbers are still very encouraging for the new "Cleansing Tide" that is washing through the land, the globe and the Church, to proclaim the Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help them God!

Check the EWTN prime time t.v. schedule and watch an encore LOTR and let Father Mitcell get up "pumped up" for the Faith!! And get his book, John Paul II We love you! Read his memoirs of the weeks before JPII went to his glory through the veil, and read what inspiring memories were articulated by so many of the youth that were there for his funeral and the election of Pope Benedict XVI. It's a fast and soul-stirring,faith-inspiring read, some tears and much joy fill the pages, but it's the whole gamut and the whole of life in a small, humble book, written by a gifted and humble, holy priest. Thank you Father Mitchell! God bless you...we love you, too!

Here are some of his memories of those days before JPII died as he wrote them on this on line journal. John Paul II, pray for us! WE DO LOVE YOU!


Maryellen said...

Yes, yes, Susan
There is indeed a cleansing tide sweeping through the land, and your dear Bishop Bruskewitz has been leading Nebraska in a marvelous way.

When we were in Iowa, we heard how many young men were drawn to imitate his backbone. I think Bishop B. is awesome. May God reward him.

Hurray for Father Peter Mitchell, too.

Joyful Catholics said...

HI Maryellen~

I'm so glad to hear from you! I've missed you. I've prayed for you a few times and hope all is well. Yes, we are truly blessed in Nebraska! thank you for stopping by again. Bless you.

Maryellen said...

Bless you, too, Susie
We're doing well enough. Thanks for your prayers.

I took December off from blogging, tho' I did visit a few blogs. I had no idea when I started that blogging would eat up so much time.

Now with the Holidays behind us, I'm back. I hope to post once or twice a week.

Have the best New Year ever!