Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Let us not forget who's fighting for our freedom...

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Thank you to all who voluntarily serve our country with bravery, honor, and valor.

We are grateful.

May 2008 be a better year for all of you and may
you soon return home to your families
We pray for peace.
Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.


Marie said...

I prayed for our soldiers over the Christmas period. Also for the families of the soldiers that gave their lives in 2007.

There are quite a few countries fighting terrorism.

Peace to you:)


Joyful Catholics said...

Yes there are many faithful and wonderful heroes the world over fighting the good fight for our freedom. Bless all of them, Lord. Mary, Mother of God,comfort them as they are away and alone and at times, so frightened, needing a Mother's love. Be with them, guard them we pray, St Michael and all of their guardian angels... and may peace be near.