Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Look here! Look here! She's found ....

her beer!
Y'all can rest easy now.

"Come along with me, let's go to gay Paris, we'll go down to the sea with your daughter. Put on your green beret, it's such a lovely day, we'll put the wine away like water." From the vociferous and melodious Daffy Duck. The FUNNIEST cartoon EVER made! I wish I could find this particular one in some archive somewhere, but I haven't had the luck. Does anyone remember that one? He was in WWII - in France and sang this song and I don't recall laughing quite so hard at anything in my life.
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Anonymous said...

I remember that song too! I especially liked the way Daffy held onto the notes "awaaayyyy... liiiiike water!!" But as I recall, the first lyric is "I'll take you to see/the Latin Quarter." (Paris not being a seaside city.)