Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Prayer for Vocations...

Hail Mary, full of grace;
all generations call you blessed.
Hail Mother of God;
when asked by the angel to bear
the Son of the Most High,filled with faith,
you responded:"Let it be done unto me."
Holy Mother of Jesus,
at the wedding feast at Cana,
you prompted your Son
to perform his first sign.
Be with us as we discern our life's work
and guide us in the way we are called
to followin the footsteps of your Son.
Holy Mother of the Savior,
at the foot of the cross
you mourned the death of your only Son.
Bless and embrace the loving parents
of all priests,deacons, brothers and sisters.
Holy Mother of the Good Shepherd,
turn your motherly care to this nation.
Intercede for us to the Lord of the
harvestto send more laborers to the
harvest in this land dedicated to your honor.
Queen of Peace, Mirror of Justice,
Health of the Sick, inspire vocations in our time.
Let the word of your Son be made flesh anew
in the lives of persons anxious to proclaimthe
good news of everlasting life.


For more wonderful prayers for vocations.

Every first Saturday at the Holy Family Shrine, we have mass and exposition and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and pray for vocations in Omaha. If you don't have this, maybe talk to your priest and see if he can do this, and ask prayer warriors to attend either in spirit or physically. Fr. Sohm is dedicated and committed to this every first Sat. This was his hope and 'vision' to do this, so we are so blessed to have his faithful, prayerful and holy heart in our community!

We all need to 'storm heaven' for vocations for we need many more priests and religious~ support and pray for your priest...Our Mother loves her dear priest sons and we need to pray for them every day! Their lives do burn out before God's Holy Shrine...they spend and consume themselves for souls ...yours and mine.

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