Monday, February 04, 2008

Let's get this straight...She's our Mother, not an idol. Got it? Get it? Good!

No, we as Catholics do not worship Mary. We honor, revere, respect, venerate her. (none of which means "worship"...look 'em up if you don't believe me) Why, even the Angel of the Lord, called her "Hail! Full of Grace." Question: Was the Angel of the Lord, Gabriel, worshiping Mary?? Was he wrong to call her Full of Grace? That's her name, well, one of them, so if you want to argue with the Angel of the Lord, go ahead. But please, don't accuse us of worshiping Mary when we don't. Catholics revere her for being the Mother of God. For Jesus was/is God, should fill the minds God gave us, and dictate that indeed, Mary IS the Mother of God. Not that she was/is before God the Father. So don't let the Protestant/Evangelical knee jerk reaction rob you of contemplating her role as the "First Disciple" of Christ. For that is what she was. And maybe, just maybe, take this time, where ever you are, and say a prayer, to Jesus...asking Him to put a love for HIS OWN MOM in your heart, and then ask Mary to be "your Mama" too. She'd love to take you closer to Jesus. For if we love the mother's of our friends, and we grow closer to our friends on earth by knowing and loving their mothers, if that expands our relationships with our dear friends on earth, how much more would knowing, loving, caring for Mary expand our relationship with Jesus? Some food for thought.

This song is so soothing and beautiful, just like our Mother, Mary. She's your Mother, too. Why don't you just rest in that, love her and let her point you and take you to Jesus, for that is what she's always done, and is still doing today.

Jesus is our brother, we all agree on that, right? Logic then should thus prevail and ask this question... Doesn't that make Mary our Mother? Yes. It does. Jesus gave Mary to us all, the entire Church, when he gave her to John at the foot of the cross, where they both stood and watched Jesus die. John is symbolic of The ONE CHURCH. I am now so grateful to be back in the ONE TRUE CHURCH, and to KNOW Mary is my Mama. What a gift from Jesus to us!! This song was my prayer this morning. Let it be yours, too, and let Mary's love take you even closer to Jesus. Closer to His Heart than you've ever been. For they were meshed, melded, ONE in their Hearts and always forever will be! That's what takes place when you get to know Mary, you'll know Jesus even more! Know Mary, Know Jesus.

So, let us all say "yes" to Christ, to Honor our Mother as Jesus did, for he knew the 4th commandment and obeyed it. Let us begin to follow her most holy example today and say "yes,Lord" "Be it done unto me according to Your Word." No matter what may befall, with His love in our hearts, we will prevail,as the Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us! ~PAX CHRISTI

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