Monday, February 04, 2008

What my sins did...and yes, what my sins still do

not only to my Lord, Jesus, but to His Mother, my "Mama, Mary"...

h/t TJ for this sobering, and as I said in your com box, heart-wrenching picture.

Fr. Damien Cook of St Peter, Omaha, said this Sunday at Pro Sanctity's afternoon of honoring Our Lady of Trust feast. (my paraphrase) "When Jesus was stabbed by the spear of the soldier, he was already dead and didn't feel the pain of that stab, but who did? Mary, His Mother."

Mary felt that excruciating pain "full force" in her heart, just as Simeon prophesied at the Presentation of our Lord. Looking at this scene, with Mary lying on the ground, overcome by a pain so severe, it just 'gets me' my own heart. God forgive us. Mama Most Holy forgive us for killing your Son, and causing you such a deep and most severe grief and heartache.

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