Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What were you doing when you were 12?...

Well, for starters, I wasn't being beheaded for Christ and His Church. I was more than likely waiting for a new BeaTle album to come out and wishing I had a horse...

Thank God for so many faithful who did give up their lives, and who NOW, even as I type, are praying for us as we live our lives in whatever state or country. I know many martyrs are still being tortured for their faith in many parts of the world. Yet, what is Faith, if it's not entirely True Truth? And where is that entire Truth found if not in His Church? We're to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Not part truth, but all truth and truth isn't relative or subjective, but TRUTH is objective and complete and never changing. For He is Truth and left us a Church where the Fullness of Truth is. We were not and are not orphans, left by Christ to "find our way" stumbling around from 'church' to 'church, ' 'fellowship to fellowship' constantly trying to find the "perfect fit." Where it's all "about us."

No, Jesus in His Infinite wisdom left us a physical as well as a spiritual entity, a Church, with authority to guide and lead us in matters of faith and morals...dare I say, perfectly? Does that mean everyone in this Church does so? Heck no. Since its inception, being in the hands of humans, with flaws, weaknesses, and a sinful 'bent' things can get pretty mixed up and need reforming. Reform yes. Divorce? No. Luther got it wrong there and how! Now some 33,000 new sects, denominations later, all disagreeing on EVERY matter of doctrine, except what's been come to be known as "the essentials, the basics." What are those, if we can't agree on baptism for Heaven's sake? As for me and my house, we will be Catholic, never to roam from Rome again!


January 21 was the Feast of St. Agnes, virgin and martyr I'm a bit late, but just a while ago I read this and had to acknowledge this remarkable and holy, heroine of our Faith. St Agnes, pray for us! ~ susie

St. Agnes (c. 304) like St. Cecelia, is to be numbered among the most famous martyrs of Rome. When the Diocletian persecution was at its height, and when priests as well as laymen were apostatizing from the faith, Agnes, a girl of twelve, freely chose to die for Christ. When she was commanded to offer incense to false gods, she raised her hand to Christ and made the Sign of the Cross. When the heathens threatened to bind her hand and foot, she herself hastened to the place of torture as a bride to her wedding feast. Pain had no terror for her—although the fetters slipped from her small hands while even the pagan bystanders were moved to tears. When the son of the Roman prefect offered to marry her, she replied: "The one to whom I am betrothed is Christ Whom the angels serve." When the executioner, who was to behead her, hesitated, she encouraged him with the words: "Strike, without fear, for the bride does her Spouse an injury if she makes Him wait". The name of "Agnes" means "lamb-life," and hence the lamb is the symbol of the modesty and innocence of the virgin-martyr.

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