Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I flu the coop...

And don't I wish I looked this good being sicker than a dog.... give me a break! Does anyone else out there agree that this chick looks like Tara King of Avengers fame? I know TJ's old enough to remember that fine Brit series. I was such a Emma Peel fan, that I never liked any of the others. They say we all have a twin.... I found Linda Thorson's!

No, I'm not actually breaking my blog fast rule or, am I? Well so what if I am... I'm not seeking prayers, for I'm on the mend, but just so you know, if anyone else has started their Lent with the flu, I'm in solidarity with you, my brothers and sistas! : ) And to let you all know, my hubby's a SAINT and has taken care of me so lovingly since Sat night! I offered this last 4 days Sat and Sun and yesterday wracked with more aches and pains than I've had in years, (not relaying that info for sympathy) for my priest friend, Fr. G and for the poor souls. Especially those of Priests and Religious. Not to get sympathy, far from it, but to encourage each of you to really "offer up" that suffering, no matter how big or small and enter those 5 sacred wounds. A term I am discovering and learning about for my life. What I've learned by reading about St Margaret Mary during this time, has been enlightening, too. These dear Saints did not grumble to God incessantly about their sufferings, but seemed to long for more! Crazy! For me, that's a BIG goal and my main aspiration. To not complain. I only said "sh*t" once when trying to turn over Saturday night, so I was as amazed as my hubby's been!

If you're blessed enough to have a spouse to care for you when you're sick, hug them and thank them. If you don't have a spouse, don't bemoan that, but thank Jesus that He can be your Companion and "ALL FOR YOU" Let Jesus be your Spouse, even if you aren't a "religious" per se. He IS our Lover, our Husband, and our Brother, and Friend, and when we unite the pain in our body or our emotions with the pain of His in Gethsemane or on Golgotha, we share deep and profound intimacy. Listen to that Precious Sacred Heart, I have to trust that only "GOOD" will come of it. NO matter how we fail in our attempt to bear patiently our trials. That Sacred Heart's beating just for you and your loved ones. Don't fear, but give it all to God and let that intense flame consume you, too. You might not know what's going on for a while, and maybe won't until Kingdom come, but waiting in that Heart will ignite a brighter flame in you, and maybe be that spark for someone else you may never have noticed or discovered before. Now my little 'Lenten cheating' is done.

Back in 33.

Can I recollect a face or what? : )


Kim said...

I'm so sorry you have the flu, Susie! Thank God for our hubbies. Mine also takes great care of me. May God bring wellness to your body very soon!

Joyful Catholics said...

Thank you, Kim. Bless you. : )

Maryellen said...

You are headed for a worthy goal.
"...These dear Saints did not grumble to God incessantly about their sufferings, but seemed to long for more!..."

All my life I've run from crosses. After reading how the Saints felt a desire for them, a few years ago I began to ask God for that Grace. Apparently God loves to grant that request, as I see it taking form. I'm not there yet, but I'm on that journey with you. Every trial has a time limit and my mantra is "This, too shall pass".

Enjoy your reading time. It's too snowy and cold to go to work, anyway. LOL