Saturday, September 12, 2009

St. Hildegard...

Saints keep on 'chasing me down.' I must get to know St. Hildegard as her name/images have been popping up in my life the last few days/weeks here and there. The many Saint "Catherines" as well. Just came across this blog and who did I find? St Hildegard! Among other things, she was a lyricist, poet, painter, lingquist, philosopher, artist, physician, counselor, and gave us the first early recorded music by a woman, including the first morality play set to music, Ordo Virtutum. Who knew? So I do find it curious to come across her at this time in my life, as I seek to improve my writing, and also, perhaps give painting a try!? And I just found out, at another blog that St. Hildegard's Feast day is Sept. 16! Wow! That's just next week! ~ see how God moves? Isn't He just the best Daddy? He has prepared me to be able to 'meet'this precious Saint, right now, a few days before her feast, and have another dear friend among the many in heaven, to call on and get to know! This is completely, splendidly COOL!!

And on my meanderings today on the blog path, I came across this blog (probably due to the image he has posted of St. Hildegard.) I was amazed to find the blogger no longer blogging, due to the fact that he's now at Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma...where Rich and I happened to visit in 2007! It wasn't completed then, but looks like it is now. I'd love to go back some day and find this brother/monk! What a great blog. I'm glad he left it up, even if he's not able to continue blogging. Some great stuff to be found and digested here! Pray for them at Clear Creek. It's an absolutely gorgeous place, tucked away in the wooded hills of eastern Oklahoma.
This has been a delightful romp through the blog meadow!
Time to remove me numb bum from the chair, though, and find refreshment of the liquid sort ... to sip and to smile. St. Hildegard, won't you please join me for a lemonade or a glass of wine?

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Anonymous said...

I doubt the blogger joined clear creek monastery since she is a girl and that monastery is only for men. I wonder though which order she joined.