Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Room In Your Heart...

This is such a powerful description of our Blessed Mother's vital role in the salvation of souls. I used to be so ignorant of her importance. I "knew" she wasn't to be "worshiped" and thought Catholics worshiped her. I was WRONG. Now that I'm a Catholic, I see the TRUE beauty of Mary. Her loving, gentle way. Her obedience God is our PERFECT example to follow, just as Her Son, our Savior would have us to do. He said, "Blessed are those who hear and keep the Will of God." He wasn't saying his own mother was of no importance! Not in the least! He was telling those gathered to "do as she was doing" and had done in her life. To imitate in our own lives her obedience to God and submitting to His Will as she had done.

You know, it's like the old country song: "if loving you [our Lord's mother] is wrong, then I don't wanna be right! Since when is loving, respecting the mother of anyone's friend a 'bad thing?' How can loving the mother of my best friend {Jesus} be "idol worship?" How does it negatively affect my friendship with anyone to give due respect and honor to their mother? How does it subtract from our friendship for a friend of mine to love my mom? Please, those of you who are so adamant in your 'ignorance' of Mary, just pause, really....PAUSE and think about this. Use your head/your brains/your heart. Have you ever had a "best friend" on this planet and hated their mother? Did having a relationship with the mother of your friend subtract, or diminish your love for your friend, or did it in fact, ENHANCE and embellish your friendship, making it even more "FULL?"

When you knock, or snub the Mother of our Lord, aren't YOU in fact snubbing Jesus? Aren't you by rejecting his Mother, really rejecting Him? You're rejecting the ONE creature He made to be His MOTHER, I mean...she's more special than anyone else He made! He lived inside her womb! She's the "Ark" of the NEW COVENANT. A most "special vessel" that carried not the written Law, but JESUS HIMSELF in the flesh!! So doesn't she at least deserve SOME recognition in your life?? Come on. Give up the idiotic arguments, the arrogant debates. If you have a mother and love her, then for crying out loud, wouldn't Jesus want us to love His Mom, too? Of course He does! She may not have had a lot of BIG PARTS in the bible...but really she did. She's just so humble you have to LOOK for them.

She's at every IMPORTANT event of Christ's life. And so should we be there with her. Following Him like she did. Even to the foot of the cross. That's where she'll bring us, to His Feet. Not to be adored herself, but she's the "way" JESUS chose to come to us, and now she is the 'way' for us to go to THE WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. It all makes perfect sense, when you throw out the bias, the misinformation, the lies, the hate of all things "Catholic" and just realize that she is YOUR mother, too. John made room for her in his earthly home and in his heart.

If you can't follow the beloved disciple, John's example, then you are way too full of yourself and need to go to the wounded Feet of Jesus and repent for disliking, begrudging or even hating His mother. You need to return to her, and by doing so, return to Jesus. You will grow in your faith, and your relationship with Jesus will expand, like LOVE expands. LOVE doesn't divide, it multiplies! You'll know Him better than ever when you give Mary, His Momma, and your Momma, a room in your heart.

This little "rant" was brought to you after I read...

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