Friday, September 25, 2009


Much can be done for the souls of others, and for your own, in a devout 15 minutes
before the Blessed Sacrament
But there are "wolves" among the sheep
who say "it ain't so."


Nancy said...

I started a regular hour on Saturday afternoons during Advent last December, but I found my soul was just getting warmed up when it was time to leave. So in January I signed up for two hours. Even that still goes by pretty fast.

Spending quality time with Jesus is a great way to enjoy one's weekend.

Joyful Catholics said...

Hi Nancy ~ I couldn't agree more! I too have longed for more Adoration time, and since I'm no longer employed, I have it! One time I checked my watch and saw that over two hours had flown by, while in His glorious Presence~ Sometimes it's "dry"but God has been so kind to his "little girl" that it's also been very consoling for me to be with Him, too. I signed up for Sunday evening in 2006 but only did it for 3 months. I'm so sporadic! I do have trouble keeping commitments. Novenas? I start off with such good intentions, but by the 2nd day, I've forgotten. Not too good. As for Adoration, I go as 'moved' and God seems to delight in that, just knowing I've come to be there, I pray, does give Him a little smile, one small "pleasure." I've always been a 'free spirit.' But at any rate, God in His mercy and patience puts up with my "pinball" lifestyle and has in His way, made it work for me. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. God bless.