Monday, September 21, 2009

The Fire Is Out...


In here we find a fascinating, if deeply harrowing, look at the dismantling of Catholic liturgy that occurred not so much at the hands of the hierarchy but rather at the instigation of a handful of activists and publishers that shoved contemporary styles down everyone’s throat in the name of keeping up with the times, as a cowed and fearful clerical class did its best to imagine that they were onto something.

h/t Mary's Anawim


Tiber Jumper said...

I have been thinking about buying that book because I was a Catholic folk mass musician as a kid from 8th grade to freshman in high school. I wonder if I was adversely affected in the sense that the lyrics were totally non-Eucahristic, campfire, fuzzy and devoid of Catholic theology. Perhaps that is why it was so easy for me to leave Catholicism after I was "born again".

Joyful Catholics said...

I was in the "music ministry" in our Catholic Charismatic Prayer group (not even Catholic when I started...and even took Communion because "I'm Christian" and "why not?") so I played some of those fuzzy wuzzy kumbaya songs and know exactly what you mean! YIPES! It was easy as cake for us to leave...nary a word from anyone, b/c "it really doesn't matter where you go to 'church' as long as you love the Lord." That was the apparent "doctrine" in some Cathoilc circles as well as Evangelical ones. Hmm, why do "bible-believers" let that fall off their tongues so easily when it's not scriptural and Jesus never said such a thing?!?!! Can't be found in 'the book' but it's the doctrine de jour. How convenient. "A Convenient Non-Truth" you could say, to tickle the ever-itching ear.