Thursday, September 17, 2009

A comment found a moment ago...

There were many comments, (post Kennedy funeral mass) found under this letter written by Fr. Harrison. Many comments were excellent, and not having time to read them all, I found this one worthy to copy and post. Most 100+ agreed with Fr. H. as did I. This one just stood out and struck me as very sobering, and more than likely, truly coming to fruition. Pray. Pray. And then, pray. We are in very perilous times, and we can't afford to doze, snooze, or meander around in our "comfy zone" PC parish, where it's all la la land. No more talk of hell or sin, too offensive. Says who? Satan. He's got so many blinded. The faithful remnant is being forged in the crucible, while the tares are being prepared for their final destination, like branches gathered up and tied in bundles to be thrown into the fire. God help us. "St. Michael the Arch Angel defend us in battle..." Amen.


When Prime Minister Trudeau was given his grand Catholic funeral he carried with him the legacy of ushering abortion into Canada. Now Ted Kennedy is getting his big farewell as an elitist among political abortion promoters. What a sham! These Catholic politicians are public supporters of killing off human life in the womb. As such, they deserve no Catholic funeral, nor any Roman Catholic accolades. Supposed Pro-Life Catholic leaders involved in the Kennedy funeral send a milquetoast mixed message to their followers. It is time for North American Cardinals, Bishops and Priests to grow a backbone. But I fear it is too late. The culture of death is in full bloom. We are entering into a remnant Catholic Church.

Respectfully submitted by,
Deacon Jeff Pearce

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